5 Tips To Create Unique Metal Business Cards

Business cards are a great marketing strategy; they are small and inexpensive ways through which you can market your business to potential clients. Business cards are a way for companies and startups to sell their products or gain more online popularity and brand recognition comparatively quickly by serving as a cute memento.
Your brand image and perception should be so sharp and stable that whenever someone wants to avail the benefits of similar services related to yours,’ they will merely open their wallets and look for your business card instead of using google to search for related businesses.
Metal business cards take the whole business card game up to a different level. Their uniqueness makes them difficult to be disposed of or thrown away in the trash. It is an ingenious yet also subtle way to prevent people from throwing away your business cards. You can even design your business cards as such so they can provide some different functions.
In this article, I am going to be giving away some tricks that you can use to make your metal business cards stand out. Metal business cards can help create and break your business.

1) Decide The Right Shape For Your Metal Business Card
Metal cards can be used by anyone for any reason, no matter the size and scope of their market. You can turn heads by designing a unique metal business card. Not only will the uniqueness get you immediate attention, but it will also create a positive image of your brand/ business or whatever you’re trying to promote.

key shape metal business card

— The metal business card above has a custom key shape that immediately conveys to the user that this business is about keys —
You can design the shape of your card according to your industry. No matter what industry you are in, you can create a unique custom card to represent your business. Another good suggestion is to add in a simple, useful feature like a comb or a can opener.

You can even browse sites like Pinterest to know about the different types of metallic cards, the different industry-specific tiles.

2) When You’re Trying Different Types Of Cards Why Not Use A Different Size
When designing custom metal cards, you can easily deviate and experiment with the sizes and the thickness of the cards. The normal size range for metallic business cards is 88.9*50.8mm / 76*44mm / 85*54mm. however, it is not a set rule, and you can design other custom business cards as well.

One of the ways through which you can keep your business card accessible is not to make your business card too big or too small. The card above is a small card that is somewhat following the structure of a USB, which can be easily tucked away in a wallet. A too-big business card is tricky to handle and store and may annoy your customers; a too-small business card can easily be lost or misplaced.
A different design is not a bad idea; being different will make your card stand out from the rest. Differently sized business cards draw attention and also give you more room to express yourself using a simple card.

3) The Thickness Of The Card
Choosing the right width for your metal cards is essential. The thicker the card, the higher the price, and a too-heavy card can even weigh your business down. The correct thickness for your card will help your audience be wowed at your uniqueness and at the same time not get annoyed and inconvenienced by the extra weight in their wallet.

metal business card bottle opener

— The thickness of metal business card bottle opener above is 2mm , 0.3mm to 2mm we all accpet —

Many companies will let you decide the thickness that you would want for your card. You can go super thin or go super thick as the example shown above. Commonly 0.3mm thickness is the standard thickness that many companies use. However, you can alter the thickness of the metal cards according to your preferences and budget.

4) Electroplate Your Metal Cards
Some metal cards start to chip away and lose their color or become worn down with use. Chipped cards give off an unprofessional impression and might become counterproductive in generating sales. An excellent way to avoid a situation like that is to electroplate your cards.

blue color metal business card

The card shown above is a metal card that has been electroplated blue.
In electroplating, electricity is used to deposit another layer of any desired metal on the initial metal. Electroplating your metallic cards means that you can give copper sheets a tin or aluminum coating.

red color metal business card

Electroplating your metal cards like the example shown above will help them become more resistant to corrosion and other external attacks; their colors will also not fade out sooner, and you can even ask for a specific shade while carrying out the electroplating process.
You can also use electroplating to cover a typical metal with an expensive metal to give your cards a premium feel.

5) Think About Getting your Cards Die-Cut
To make your cards look and feel unique and to let people know that you are serious and willing to invest in your business, you can also opt for getting your business card Die-cut. Through die-cutting, you can craft innovative and different designs, and you can also make your logos and slogans die cut as well.
Die-cutting, if used right, can also help you to emphasize your company’s logo or text, and it will also help you in establishing a trademark.
Metal business cards are something different and unique from the paper business cards that are ever so common around the world. Standard paper cards fail to make as much a significant impact as metal cards, the unique design and delivery of metal business cards leave an unforgettable impression on many clients.

die cut metal business card

Through using a metal business card, you can design the card that gives off a bit off your company’s persona, like the example above.
If you want to go for a chic or a sophisticated look, you can choose colors like silver gold and copper, and if you’re going to go for a new look, you can choose bright colors.

Metal cards are here to make an impact, which is very vital for small scale businesses and startups. They are also durable and can stand for long. Metal cards are expensive and cost way more than paper cards, but they are a positive investment that can help you generate a lot more sales from before.
Many businesses neglect their business cards, but if you use the right amount of innovation and creativity, you can quickly turn your business cards into a useful marketing tool.

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