Business cards are one of the ways to exchange information at any networking event. Their usage is decreasing because people have started using networks like LinkedIn and Google to connect. Adding to that fact, we all are aware that businesses have gone digital as from sending emails to signing contracts, everything is online. But business cards are pivotal to the growth of both small and big businesses. It is one of the mediums to make eye contact and start actual conversation. It is convenient to send contact information using text or email, but it is impersonal when it comes to making relationships. Do you think you can make a great memory by just looking at signature containing contact details of potential dealers? Certainly No! There is a reason why business cards are known as one of the most effective direct marketing tools.

Paper cards vs Metal business cards

In the past years, we have seen extensive usage of paper business cards. Since they were common, they failed to make an impression. People used to have hundreds of paper business cards lying in a box and it was practically impossible to find any one particular card. Metal business cards can have different colours which help in identifying them easily. It is fascinating to use metal business cards as they serve as an attractive alternative to paper business cards. Read on further as to why should every small- and large-scale business invest in metal business cards.

Leaves an unforgettable impression: Unique design and engaging delivery are the two factors which helps in making an unforgettable impression. The paper business card fails to leave an impression as all cards look alike. Metal cards stand out from the crowd of people as you can get the details engraved. Your card won’t go to dustbin as metal business cards are stylish, unique, bold and eye-catching. No matter what the scale of your business is, metal business cards show that you are serious and wise towards your choosing your investment. The first impression can hold a lot of weight!

Sophistication: You can customise the metal business cards as per your requirement. If you want to add a youthful vibe, you will go for card with bold and bright colours. If you want to add a mature look, you would go for shades of platinum, silver, gold or chrome. The sophistication gets reflected from every inch of the card. The standard of your business is reflected with metal cards which is important for small scale businesses to establish their market and large scale businesses to justify their market standing!

Shows that you are prepared: Metal business cards are a way to introduce your business to your clients and suppliers. They show that the purpose of this card is much more than just passing on email and contact number. You don’t distribute metal business cards to everyone like paper cards. Metal cards symbolise that you are ready to face the market. They show that you are genuinely interested in making the deal. Your clients would appreciate sharing the metal business card with them as this shows professional confidence and loyalty.

Fuel the conversation: Usually when you share the metal business card it fuels the conversation. It could be anything related to card- about its design, where you got it made from, how come the idea of metal card struck you… anything! It gives you a topic of discussion and then you can talk about what you have to offer which can be beneficial for the growth of your business. you have to stand out to elicit a reaction and meta card gives you this opportunity.

Works for every industry: Metal business cards are versatile and are a product for every industry. Irrespective of the fact, if you have a grocery shop or a shopping mall, metal business cards are a great way to introduce your business. You can encounter a potential lead or contact at any point of time and since you don’t want to miss such opportunities, metal cards help in making a valuable business connection. Nothing is as effective as meeting in person and exchanging business cards for every sector!

Durable & Stand out: There is no doubt in the fact that the metal cards are durable. They can’t fade or tear away like traditional business cards. Moreover, since you have the ability to customize you can make them unique and it will be easier for your clients to remember and find the card from the bunch in case, they want to fetch the details! The cards are durable and the clients who are looking to do some business with you for long term should always have your card which they can have in their records for reference and can even share! Even if the deal is not closed, your client would end up keeping your business card rather than throwing it away like a paper card. This would gradually increase your prospects! You never know the boundaries your card can cross to give you a wonderful opportunity after many years!

It’s an investment: You might have a concern that metal business cards are very expensive as compared to paper cards. The cost of one metal card might be equal to 20 paper cards! A paper card can give you lower expenses, but can it get the job done? Cheap doesn’t always translate into an investment and this is very important for an entrepreneur to understand. Metal business cards are better at doing their job at sole purpose i.e., making an impression. The return on investment on your metal business cards is way more than paper business cards.

You do your bit towards environment: Our planet is short of resources and by reducing usage of paper, you are doing your bit towards environment. Making a bold move with metal helps you in going green! It shows your inclination towards your planet. While you bring class with the premium feel and texture offered by metal cards, you succeed in beating the masses to make the first move!

If you still want to know more about metal business cards, click here to find out more.


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