Are steel business cards overkill for most things?

Every business has to invest in the long run but despite that businesses need a budget to run their day to day operations. The day to day operations includes money spent on rent, bills, pens, papers, business cards, computer usage, travel errands and more stuff like that. You can choose to buy the cheapest things to get things done on a day to day basis, but this cheapness would not be accounted for as an investment. Every business whether it is small or large have to make these little investments to carry out necessary tasks but when you spend enough money to get things digital and efficient through proper gear and internet speed, you should upgrade your business cards as well. Why it is that people are so against the steel business cards? Is it because they are a little expensive than paper business cards? Well, it doesn’t matter what people say, we are going to break down a few things about steel business cards that will surely convince you that steel business cards aren’t overkilled for most things. Let’s have a detailed look:

  • Steel business cards are a long-term investment, not a loss: Business is all about investing in the long run so when you spend less than $0.30 on a paper business card even with good quality, it will get destroyed with just 2 3 times uses. Even it doesn’t get destroyed like fully, it will lose its shines, texture and new vibe. You can’t use it again for sure. This is what you get by opting for cheap options. But if you have got metal business cards, they won’t be destroyed by touching a few times. They can’t be destroyed with water as well, so you are good to go with them anywhere.
  • Steel business cards are a new trend and they look cool:The paper business cards don’t look cool as much because they are just too common. We have been handed them all our lives and there is nothing new on them. We take them and put them in our wallet. And one day when cleaning out, we took out these paper business cards and put aside. While the majority is using paper business cards, you would need something unique and different from the rest to stand in the crowd. This is where steel business cards come in. It is a new trend; it does look cool and has been effective so far. So, spending a few bucks on a steel business card will surely boost your marketing game.
  • Use steel business cards as a marketing tool:When you hand a steel business card to someone, you will be definitely noticed and leave a long-lasting impression. Why? Because your business card itself is doing marketing for your business. Even when the other person goes home and opens the wallet to get something else, he or she will notice the steel business card in his or her wallet. He/she might look at it again and remember the conversation you had and maybe wants to have business with you. The serious business personnel are always on the look for another business partner who has some potential. The metal texture is hard to miss in someone’s wallet. But if you choose to have common paper business cards, you won’t be able to make that lasting impression. This steel business card can impress the person to become your client. And most people have got new clients through their steel business cards. It is quality over quantity that attracts people.
  • Metal steel business cards can complement your business: If you are involved in any kind of business that has the use of steel, metal, jewelry, or machinery, steel business cards can complement your business. Business cards are supposed to be related to your business. They could have the company’s logo or style in the background and the rest could be the minimum information about you and your business. Adding a personal touch with minimum information can lead you to build business networks and personal relations in this digitalized world. You can choose to have your business logo shaped into a steel business card that will always remind people what you do, and it will be worth it. By using steel business cards, you are representing your business as well and when people see that how creative you are, they definitely see you and remember you which is what a new businessperson wants in a competitive market.

Mostly, at the events, everyone is so busy with the distractions, at that time, make a quick impression with your steel business card with a handshake.

  • Metal business cards are recycled just like paper business cards:A lot of people have concerns about metal business cards being so expensive. Yeah, that’s true, they are a little expensive than normal plastic sheeted paper business cards, but they can still be recycled just like paper business cards. So, the energy and money won’t go to waste as it can be recycled and used again for any other purpose as well.
  • Steel business cards do not weigh too much:Although there is a common perception that steel business cards would be so heavy for your wallet and a stack of them would mean you are lifting weights in the gym but that is not true at all. The business card makers do pay a lot of attention to the weight of any metal card. They make sure that it is not heavy and not too light just like other things. They balance it well by having an appropriate thickness level of stainless steel which is mostly 0.5mm. The precision really matters in these types of situations and business card manufactures use laser cutting and chemical cutting.

Although so many people think that steel business cards are overkill because things are not ideal in this practical world but opting for a new trend is not a bad thing. We should keep our minds open for new things and appreciate the novelty.

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