How to Choose the Right Metal Business Card for Your Product

Metal Business Card

Choose the Right Metal Business Card For your Brand

Even with a myriad of digital alternatives, business cards are still relevant in 2019 and beyond. They add value to networking. Whether you’re at a backyard BBQ, party, conference, the business card gives you an ample opportunity to receive or provide contact information.

It can also lead to conversations that build a valuable partnership in your business. You don’t have to fumble with your phone or stumble when hunting for a pen and paper. Business cards are extension of your brand and make an incredible impression.

Today, there are metal business cards. Their durability is one of the factors that make people choose them. But how can you pick the right card?

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

  1. Ensure the Card is Effective

Almost every business person has a business card. You should ask yourself what will make your metal card turn heads. The card creates a lasting impression of your business. It can have a negative of a positive perspective on your business.

The necessary information in a card is the title, name, and contact. Marketing gurus will tell you that your card should be memorable. It should be sharable with a unique shape. For example, instead of the typical rectangular shape, design it with a different shape. Think about shaping it like a razor blade. It will brainstorm people, and your brand’s identity will be remarkable.

Create an image of your business even without saying a word. If you’re offering different services or products, you can have one side talking about the services and the other side about the products. Make information simple and factual. In short, your card should be effective such that it tells about your product without you saying a word.

  1. Choose What to Include

A metal business card is just like regular plastic or paper cards. It means it has limited space. But you can utilize the given space to give the narrative of your product. You should represent yourself beyond and above all networking conversations you will hold.

So, what should you include? What will you say to get undivided attention? The basics, like the company’s name, your name, contact, and title, are the bare minimum. With the booming of online business, the physical address is increasingly becoming irrelevant. So, you might leave it out.

Other important details you should never forget is the website address and the company’s logo. If you’re in e-commerce, you would like to add the links to your products. Have a picture of your product on the card.

Importantly, ensure your metal card is scanner friendly by avoiding texts over the images. Do away with italics, underlining, or shading. Ensure the message and pictures are simple and crystal clear.

  1. Design and Delivery

The right metal business card should not be cluttered with unnecessary words or hard to understand. The design should be simple but intriguing. For example, if you’re dealing with shoes, you can design a shoe-like metal card. This will create a memorable impression on potential clients.

In fact, you can leave the cards on the table, and people will pick and keep them. Avoid decorative designs since they can make it hard to understand the written information. Professionals cards use traditional design to communicate information efficiently.

When it comes to design, make sure it contains permanent messages. Slogans and gimmicks will likely change as time goes on. Thus, you should avoid them. More so, avoid short term promotions.

Also, consider the design principles. This is a piece of crucial information that most people ignore. Like an egg, maintain two colors. The texts should be large enough to be readable. Include the business logo and the product images.

Now, when it comes to delivery, you must learn the business etiquette. No matter how unique the card is, if you lack the ability to communicate well, you may lose potential customers — your first impression matters. Courage and confidence should be attributes you never leave behind. Be articulate such that people will ask about your card.

  1. Understand the Color Psychology

For every niche, there needs to be a different color for easy identification. Different colors have different effects. You should use the colors according to your industry. If you have a company color or colors, then it would be easier to go with the one that suits the brand and the product.

Orange can be ideal when dealing with kids’ stuff or food industry. Black is elegant and symbolizes luxurious. You can combine different colors for art and design. If your target is millennial or Z generation, make use of bright colors. Black or brown would look dull and uninspiring for them.

  1. Consider the Price

Metal business CARDS are more expensive than plastic ones. Thanks to their durability. However, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a business card. But as you work on your budget, don’t compromise quality by getting cheap-looking cards.

There are several custom printing companies that can offer first-class but affordable services. To pick the right printing company for your metal business card, consider their reputation. You can read about the company and get reviews from their websites.

You can also get recommendations from reliable people. Select a service provider dedicated to providing mismatched services. You should note that a complicated design will cost you more.

  1. Printing Company

If you want to choose the right business card for your product, you should start by picking a reliable and trusted printing company. Why is this? You’re assured of quality material, fast and effective delivery, and reasonable prices.

The printing industry is quite saturated. So, getting a reliable orienting company might be unnerving. Thus, the best thing is to as friends and family members for recommendations. Alternatively, you can rummage through the internet and search for a company near you. Ensure you read the reviews, both professional and amateur.


The right metal business card will create the impression of your company and your product. Therefore, ensure you pick it right. With the tips above, the selecting process will be hassle-free with incredible results.

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