Metal Business Cards Are Critical to Your Success

Technology evolution is stirring every industry, from banking to healthcare. And the business card is not spared either. However, physical products have an advantage over digital ones because they create a personal touch and emotional connection.

Business cards were invented in the 15th century in China. The cards used to alert the locals of a dignitary visit. And in the 17th century, the cards were used by the upper class to announce their visitation. And as the revolution progressed, the tradesmen used the cards for advertisements. Even today, business cards still play a vital role in marketing brands.

Entrepreneurs and professionals still invest in business cards with the most card in the world, costing approximately $1,500. If you have someone’s business card, it means you have met, and it will jo your memory.

In the U.S, approximately 28 million business cards get printed daily, translating to about 10 billion cards annually. That’s pretty much! So, you have to ensure your card stands out. People have shifted from paper to metal business cards thanks to their durability.

Metal business cards play a vital role in the success of your business. Are you wondering how? Let’s have a look.

  1. Enhanced Company Image

You are the face and the image of your company. Durable business cards with smart features create a lasting impression and make your business flourish. By increasing the functionality of the card with a matte finish, you will be conveying the message of seriousness and class.

The information you provide, the design, and the material tell a lot about you. Few people put thought into the design and delivery of the business cards. Most people would prefer having cheap paper cards.

However, metal business cards take your brand to the next level. It shows your company is committed to quality. Thus, it will boost the image and get people intrigued to find out more about your products or services.

  1. Cost-Effective

Metal business cards are not your ordinary cars that fade and get torn easily. Well, they might be expensive but worthwhile. Look at it from a different perspective. Although most business cards last for long, metal cards are incredibly durable, and you don’t have to worry when they get wet.

A few drops of water quickly destroy paper cards. This makes the information invisible, hence losing its value. But it’s a different case with a metal one. You can drop a metal card in a sink, run it over, put it in the washing machine, swim with it, and it still maintains its finish.

Whatever happens, the information will remain intact. Importantly, the durability of the metal card outlasts other cards. You can leave it in the wallet for 10 years, and it will still look good.

It, therefore, means you won’t incur extra costs because of damage. The cards will last for long and hence proving to be cost-effective in the long run.

  1. They Make Clients Feel Special

Sometimes clients come to ask, not because of the products you sell, but because of how you make them feel. A client who feels valued will make extra trips to your business or website or even refer more people to you.

Even if a metal business card doesn’t cost you a fortune, it will look and feel more expensive than ordinary paper cards. Just like when someone hands you and costly gift, a metal card has the safe effective.

It shows you value your clients. It gives customers a sense of belonging and get attached to your product. The client won’t feel the same as regular paper cards. A new client is worth pursuit. But retaining a client is one thing most businesses fail to do.

With a valuable business card, you will easily maintain the client since they will feel valued. Loyal clients are more profitable. With the combination of stellar services and metal business cards, you don’t need to worry about retaining a client.

  1. They Spark Conversations

Today, online platforms have become the meeting point. People transact business online-whether buying or selling. With digitalization, one-on-one conversations are diminishing. With metal business cards, you have a chance to spark a blazing conversation. If someone has your card or you have their card, it means you’ve met.

When you’re handing over a business card, you will have held a conversation. Sometimes, out of these conversations, you get invaluable clients and build strong business bonds. You get to know someone better and in-depth.

When you include your picture on the card, potential clients and prospects will hardly forget you. It enables you to get down to profitable business a lot easier. More so, it will make a long-lasting impression that will contribute immensely to the success of your business.

  1. They Make a Great Impression on People

Just like in the interview where first impression matters, the metal business card displays your first impression. When you meet with people for the first time, the first thing to pull out is a business card.

A standard card will provide the necessary information, but it will just be a mere card. However, the metal business card creates a different impression. It will not be a mere card in your stack of cards. It gives the conversation more weight and makes everything meaningful.

People will get blown away by the quality, design, and the feel of the card. Since the metal cards stand out among the paper counterparts, you’ll likely get contacted more than people who present standard cards.

  1. They Show Your Professionalism

It’s the little things we do that matters most. A metal business card might be a simple metal item, but it will speak volumes about you as a person and your brand. A business card, and for that, a metal one, separates you from other business people and place you at a competitive edge.

It shows you took the time to design and put your information in it. If you can invest in a card, it shows your professionalism and willingness to invest in your business and clients.


In this age and era where everyone owns a smartphone to access the internet, make your metal card practically remind them about the importance of physical touch and great conversations. Take your business to the next level and watch it thrive.


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