What Information You Should Put On Personal Business Cards ?

Everyone needs to have personal business cards. Individual business cards make you look professional and also have out a positive impression. The compact size of business cards also means that you can easily store them in your wallet and fish them our immediately if you accidentally end up meeting someone important in the most bizarre place.

Opportunities don’t come knocking often and in situations like those keeping a business card is a great idea. In this article, I am going to talk about a few hacks that can make you stand out in those rare moments.

Consider Adding Links To Your Linkedin

Business cards are tiny, and you can’t fit in all your qualifications and educational degrees on one card. The best way to make sure that anyone who gets your business card knows everything about you is by including a direct link to your LinkedIn profile.

Links can help recruiters see your experience, your activities, and all the causes that you are concerned about. Adding in your professional platforms can help recruiters understand you better and know more about you so that they can warm up to you and decide whether or not they think you are fit for the job or not.

If you’re a designer, you could also include links to your portfolio, and previous projects that could help recruiters see the exact kind of tasks you specialize in.

Make Your Business Card Different

The best way to grab the attention of your audience for a long time is by doing something unique and subtle. You could change the material or the color of the business card; metal business cards are an excellent option to give your business cards a personalized and unique edge.

Metal business cards can add a wow factor to your sales pitch and leave a positive endnote. Anyone who sees the business card will be surprised and also impressed. These cards can also be custom designed so you can go all out with your customizations and include useful tools in your business cards like a nail, filer, or a hair comb.

Making your metal business card useful will ensure that people keep it with them even if they don’t use it.

Don’t Tell People What You Are Doing, Tell People What You Want To Do

If you’re stuck in the wrong industry or stuck in the wrong job, the last thing you should do is include that in your business card. Personal business cards are meant to be for you and to reflect your aspirations and where you want to be in life.

You can also tell people what you want to do in your business card in a unique and fun way. Search up the people you like on LinkedIn and read their descriptions on how they describe their jobs and what they want to do in their lives. The best personal business cards are the ones that make a statement for a long time to come.

Add Your Name And Phone Number

You want people to be able to look you up and search for you quickly. Adding in your professional name and a couple of links can help people look you up directly and see what you do.

Adding in a phone number and email address can help you be more accessible in the prospect of a job opportunity. You want people to be able to reach you quickly and easily with no hiccups, and adding in your phone number, and email contact ensures that you are reachable.

Do Not Include Your Mailing Address

Sit back and think about whether or not you would want private information like your home address to be potentially everywhere. Not including your address is a no brainer rule!

A good rule of thumb is to not include your address, your mailing address or any permanent address on your personal business card. Recruiters don’t need it, and they wouldn’t be looking at your home location before making a job offer or calling you for an interview.

Your business card should not contain your home address, your professional business card can provide the address of your office, but that’s about it.

Include Your Website Link And Social Links

Depending on the type of industry you operate in, you can include your website links and other social links on your business card. Social links can help you connect with people online on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

However, recruiters don’t want to see endless pictures of food or your pets or your kids. A good rule of thumb is only to include the links of professional platforms that can help build up a professional image about you.

Custom Design Your Business Card

Implicit communication is the most potent form of communication. While designing a business card, you can add in a few things that you think resonate with you or align towards your career goals.

If you’re someone who wants to go towards banking and loans, you could design your business card to be something similar to a credit card. If you own a barbershop, then you could create your metal business card in the shape of a comb.

You can also use a variety of tricks like getting your business card die cut or made in a none standard shape to get the attention of everyone.

In summary, the information you put on metal business cards is critical. Business cards can become a powerful tool in helping you network and even get a better job someplace else. Therefore you need to position and place all your information on your business card smartly.

In marketing, we tend to hear the term call to action a lot. The information on your business card is your calls to action, are they placed correctly? Are you displaying the right information forward? The best way to know that for sure is to ask your friends and family for suggestions regarding your business card, and they can help give you an unbiased review of what they think.

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