Just Metal Cards is a leading manufacturer of metal cards and tags in China, located in the ShenZhen Special Economic Zone.

We have 10 years of production experience, and our expertly designed and crafted cards can be found all over the world.We produce metal cards and metal tags for everyone from large corporations to small shops to professionals and entrepreneurs.

We believe in the stunning, long-lasting impact of a metal business card, which is why we maintain the highest quality in all our processes, from the initial design to the final product.

We etch and engrave all designs so that they never degrade, our designers ensure that all cards are safe to handle with no sharp edges, and we use environmentally friendly materials so that we meet the highest industry standards.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we have our production process down to a science. We have simplified the process so that it is accessible to everyone, and the only thing you need to provide is your logo. We have partnered with Technics Design and Typographics Design, both metal card experts, who ensure that your logo and design come out exactly as you desire.

Once a design is finalized, we create a proof to ensure that the final product is exactly the way you want it. When the proof is approved, our standard delivery time of the order is 5 to 7 workdays. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee – if any cards are not up to the standards of the proof, we will bear the responsibility and replace them.

Metal Cards Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process has been tried and tested and lives up to the highest industry standard. Just Metal Cards has complete control of the entire process, from the raw materials to the processing machines to the final product. We choose environmentally friendly materials, and we use the highest quality processing machines. Automatic dry film LED exposure machines, etching machines, plating production line, and semi-automatic serigraph printer machines are all available. We do all that so that we have confidence in our ability to provide the best metal cards and tags to our customers.

Raw Materials - Copper / 304 Steel
Cover ink
Dry Film LED Exposure Machines
Etching Machines
Metal Business Cards Manufacturing Plant, Gold Card, Gold foil,
Plating Production Line
Semi-finished products after plating
Plating Production line
Black Metal Cards
Finished product
Metal Business Cards, Metal cards, Gold Foil,
Quality Checking
Custom metal business cards, Metal cards,
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