Stainless Steel Business Cards

Please customize your quantity and features below :

100 Standard SS Cards = $128
100 Frosted SS Cards = $128
100 Brushed SS Cards = $148

1 lot = 100pcs


Stainless Steel Business Cards Size & Price

Quantity 100 ~ 300PCS
Thickness 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm
Standard Steel Card $1.28 $1.48 $1.78
Frosted Steel Card $1.28 $1.48 $1.78
Brushed Steel Card $1.68 $1.88 $2.18
  • Free Design and Free Shipping (DHL/UPS) .
  • All prices include 5 printing colors .
  • Prices are unit price for per card .
  • Prices are quoted in US Dollars .
  • More Quantity , Contact us please .

Choose Modern & Chic Metallic Stainless Steel Business Cards That Make Instant And Lasting Impression

Slice through the competition and stand out with JUST METAL CARDS’ fascinating variety of Stainless Steel business card designs for your etched or printed needs.

We are Chinese leading stainless steel business cards manufacturer of premium grade stainless steel. So, depending on your custom stainless steel business card requirement, our manufacturing team can help you with the fabrication and printing of your custom stainless steel business cards in various sizes including credit card sizes as well as in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We believe in the stunning, long-lasting impact of laser-cut stainless steel business cards, which is why we maintain the highest quality in all our processes – from the initial design to the final product.

JUST METAL CARDS blank sheet metal stainless steel business cards are among some of the most popular for a reason. They are attention-grabbing, cost-effective, and can be trusted to get the job done – to make a memorable and instant impression that sets your product or brand apart.   And, because they are made of premium quality; durable and captivating, you can always expect your new clients, partners and friends to hold onto your stainless steel look business cards for years.

Our etched, full-engraved and non-degradable cards are safe to handle with no sharp edges. We use environmentally friendly materials to guarantee the highest industry standards.

Stainless Steel Business Cards Classification

  • Cloth Texture Stainless Steel Business Cards
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Business Cards
  • Frosted Stainless Steel Business Cards
  • Standard Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless Steel Business Card Dimensions

  • Thickness 0.0012 inches (0.3mm)
  • Thickness 0.0157 inches (0.5mm)
  • Thickness 0.0197 inches (0.6mm)
  • Thickness 0.0315 inches (0.8mm Almost credit card like thickness)

All steel business card are designed using 304 SS material that is believed to be the top quality copper.

All of them are Brass Business Cards just the surface appearance is changed as per client requirements.

We also provide services for customized brass metal cards having a thickness of your choice. The most preferred options For a Business Card Size are 0.8mm, 0.5mm and 0.3mm.

Stainless Steel Business Cards Craft : Black business cards, Gold Business cards

★ Printing:

  • The process supports offset printing and screen printing where maximum of four Pantone colors can be added to one side and one Pantone color for the entire card.
  • The etching process allows screen printing to ensure much better results with a softer, fine texture and elegant feel.
  • We can also provide services for color gradient and colorful picture printing. They can be achieved with offset printing as well.

★ Etching:

  • The etching is an amazing technology to enhance the quality of printing process. It makes graphics and words to appear with 3D impact. Business cards developed with Etching process appear more elegant and specific.
  • The half etching process also leads to a stronger and deeper feel. Those who are planning to design the Grinder card can think about the Half Etching process.
  • Laser Etching ensures more efficient and convenient solution, especially for engraved words. You can try this technique for printing card numbers and names of the cardholder.
  • Reverse Etching is another luxurious technique to ensure 3D appeal on the cards. It can be applied on both the full side and the partial part.

★ Plating:

  • The plating process does not fade; you can ensure the best results with any desirable color.
  • The plating process can help you design matt and shiny surfaces as well.
  • One of the best choices in the market is Mirror Metal Cards that is developed with the Plating process.
  • The plating process can be executed with any color effect to design Mirror cards.

★ Die Cut:

  • Die-Cut is observed to be the most amazing solution for Metal Business Cards. This technique can be used to highlight words, logo and some creative patterns on the cards.
  • Die-cut designs can help you to manufacture more memorable and specific business cards to make an impact on the audience

Stainless Steel Black, Rose Gold, Pink Metal Business Card Personalization

  • We can help you achieve personalization in terms of QR Code, Bar code, and Signature code.
  • We design wide range of cards including NFC, Chip, and Magnetic Stripe Smart Cards as well.
  • You can also avail of convex or plane member VIP numbers.

Free Full Design:

  • Just Metal Cards can help you avail convenient and reliable free design service. All that you need to provide is your business name and logo, our designers will take care of the entire design.
  • Once we receive your logo details and other business info, our designers take just 48 hours to complete the design. You need to confirm the order by making payment first.
  • You can also provide details about the preferred color, and texture of the card as well.

Gift Packing:

  • All the cards are independently packed in transparent plastic sleeves.
  • 50 Pcs of metal business cards are delivered with the wooden business card box.

Fast Shipping:

  • All orders are processed just within 9 to 11 working days.
  • Our preferred shipping services are UPS and DHL.
  • The expected delivery time is generally 3 to 5 days.


Call Today To Order Your Incredible Precisions And Cheap Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards That Capture Your Unique Successful Brand value, Modern Feel In Timeless Style – From China’s Trusted Copper Business Card Manufacturer And wholesale Supplier. All Orders Are Custom-made, Just For You! Visit More Options at  Exclusive Offers Check  This Shop


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Please customize your quantity and features below :

100 Standard SS Cards = $128
100 Frosted SS Cards = $128
100 Brushed SS Cards = $148

1 lot = 100pcs
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