Brass Gold Business Cards

Please customize your quantity and features below :

100 Frosted Brass Cards = $128
100 Brushed Brass Cards = $148
100 Reverse Etcing Brass Cards = $168

1 lot = 100pcs


Brass Gold Business Cards Price

Quantity 100 ~ 300PCS
Thickness 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm
Frosted Brass Card $1.28 $1.48 $1.78
Brushed Brass Card $1.48 $1.68 $1.98
Reverse Etcing Brass Card $1.68 $1.88 $2.18
  • Free Design and Free Shipping (DHL/UPS) .
  • All prices include 5 printing colors .
  • Prices are unit price for per card .
  • Prices are quoted in US Dollars .
  • More Quantity , Contact us please .

Brass Gold Metal Business Cards Is Impressive Luxurious
And Classy That Lets You Seal The Deal In An Instant

Don’t waste your efforts trying to create a gold paper card, when you can actually get the original. Our manufacturing team offers you the opportunity to create an upscale card that lets you set the gold standard and get the classy and impressive 24-Karat attention at your will! JUST METAL CARDS’ one-of-its-kind luxury card will make your business come across as being very unique, and help you seal more deals within record times.

It Is Indeed Your Golden Ticket To Success, As Your Clients Would Know You Mean Business For Sure!

Our team is dedicating to delivering affordable and long-lasting impact of a metal business card, which is why we maintain the highest quality in all our processes, from the initial design to the final product.

JUST METAL CARDS polished gold metal business cards are truly amazing and guaranteed to impress at first sight. Our premium quality gold-plated metal cards can be trusted to retain their shine for years!

We etch and engrave all designs so that they never degrade, our designers ensure that all cards are safe to handle with no sharp edges, and we use environmentally friendly materials so that we meet the highest industry standards.

For a prestigious, one-of-its-kind quality business card – yours at a price that you’d love. Why not order your customizable gold metal business card, right away!

Brass (Gold) Business Cards Classification:

  • Cloth Brass Business Cards
  • Frosted Brass Business Cards
  • Brushed Brass Business Cards
  • Matte Brass Business Cards

Brass (Gold) Cards Thickness:

  • Thickness 0.0012 inches (0.3mm)
  • Thickness 0.0157 inches (0.5mm)
  • Thickness 0.0197 inches (0.6mm)
  • Thickness 0.0315 inches (0.8mm Almost credit card like thickness)

All Brass Business Cards are made up of the same H68 Brass Material (GB/T 4423-1992). It is considered as top-rated copper material. The internal material for all cards is the same, just the surface process differs as per client requirement.

We are here to design custom business cards made up of brass material. The thickness levels can vary as per client requirements. however, the most preferred size ranges are 0.8mm, 0.5mm and 0.3mm.

Brass (Gold) Business Cards Craft:

★ Printing:

  • We can help you design business cards with offset printing and screen-printing techniques.
  • Usually, the available machines can print a maximum of four Pantone colors on one side of the card and one Pantone color for the entire base.
  • It is possible to avail more reliable results with screen printing supported by an Etching process. These cards have most impressive feel.
  • The offset printing technique can be used to design color gradient and colorful pictures as well.

★ Etching:

  • When you need your graphics and words to have a 3D appearance; the etching process is the best solution. It ensures a more customized and unique look for your business cards.
  • For the deeper results, you can try Half Etching; its touch feels much stronger with an elegant finish. The half etching is preferred for Grinder cards.
  • For more convenient results with engraved words on cards; you can try Laser Etching. It makes card numbers and names appear more stunning.
  • Resever Etching ensures a luxurious solution for business card printing. The print with this technique gives a 3D appeal. Resever Etching can be used for both full side and partial part printing.

★ Plating:

  • You can ensure amazing results for any color using the Plating process.
  • People prefer Plating for both matte finish and shiny finish of business cards.
  • Plating Mirror Metal Business Cards are the most preferred choice these days.
  • Mirror cards can be designed with any desired color finish.

★ Die Cut:

  • Die Cut appears a more elegant and impressive feature for metal business cards. It can add special appeal to your words, logo and creative patterns as well.
  • Die Cut designs lead to more customized appeal with a unique look.

Brass (Gold)  Business Cards Personalization:

  • We offer personalized design options for signature block, QR code, and Bar Code.
  • Contact us to design NFC, Chip and Magnetic Stripe Smart Cards.
  • You can also avail services for VIP numbers.

Free Design:

  • Just Metal Cards is here to offer you the most convenient and reliable design services for free. All that you need to do is provide us the name and logo of your business, our designers will handle rest all.
  • Once you confirm your order after providing essential details and by making a payment, we make your cards ready just within 48 hours.
  • Clients are allowed to provide their choices for the texture and color of their business cards.

Gift Packing:

  • All cards are wrapped separately in the plastic sleeves.
  • 50 Pcs of metal business cards are delivered with a wooden business cardholder.

Fast Shipping:

  • All orders related to business cards are processed within 9 to 11 working days.
  • We prefer to ship via UPS and DHL.
  • The estimated time for delivery is around 3 to 5 days.




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Please customize your quantity and features below :

100 Frosted Brass Cards = $128
100 Brushed Brass Cards = $148
100 Reverse Etcing Brass Cards = $168

1 lot = 100pcs
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