Custom metal business cards considerations

It is clear that metal business cards are beautiful and look more elegant compared to other types of business cards. However, several details need to be checked before making your decision. This article will highlight all the details you need to confirm before ordering the metal business cards. Cost Metal business cards are expensive. Regardless […]

Why brass business cards are popular

Business cards have come a long way, and nowadays, there is a wide variety to choose from, including brass business cards. These are not the typical paper cards because they are made using 304 stainless steel metal which gives the cards numerous advantages. Brass business cards have become quite popular, and this article will highlight […]

Are copper business cards and copper foil business cards the same

copper business cards

Business cards have been around for a while now.  A lot of modifications were made after the first business cards were introduced, and now copper business cards and copper foil business cards are some of the latest trends. Although the names sound similar, the cards, however, are quite different. This article will discuss the differences […]

How to Use Metal Business Cards to Win Customers and Influence the Market

Metal Business Cards

  Business cards have become a norm today. Handed out every single day in the millions, there is much that can be said about the humble business card.   While they have been a mainstay in the world of business for quite some time, there are certainly some limits to this. Despite their widespread use, […]

Advantages of Stainless Steel Business Cards

Advantages of Stainless Steel Business Cards

Business cards have been an integral part of modern business for quite some time. As simple as they may be, they have become one of the most iconic symbols of the entrepreneurial world.   There is a reason for this being so. Given their uniqueness, designs and at the end of it all, a signature […]

5 Popular Designs Of Matt Black Metal Business Cards

The black metal business cards are one of the most impressive remarks for prestige and elegance. When you are interested to create memorable brand impression, it is good to start with Black metal business cards, VIP cards, and member cards. These cards can also boost credibility for your club, establishment or business. Black matt finish […]

Which metal business card accessory products are worth buying

metal business card

A business card is a very important aspect of any business. When a business card is handed to a potential client or a prospect, it becomes a more personalized form of marketing. A business card will be the first impression of your business on your potential client. That is why you would need it to […]


Business cards are one of the ways to exchange information at any networking event. Their usage is decreasing because people have started using networks like LinkedIn and Google to connect. Adding to that fact, we all are aware that businesses have gone digital as from sending emails to signing contracts, everything is online. But business […]

Why Metal Business Card, Not Paper ?

Business professionals are always curious to find ways to make profits in the market. And when they start growing, they must do some positive changes to influence the customers. One such creative option is using extraordinary and impressive metal cards. From the past few years, businesses were using paper-based materials to create business cards, but […]

Why Choose Metal Business Card?

Why Choose Metal Business Card

In the world of business, it is typical for one to distribute business or visiting cards. Containing information such as the name of the business, name of the proprietor, contact information, company logo and so on, they have become typical of modern business practices. As for the choice of material, there are indeed several of […]