6 Rose gold copper business metal cards

die cut rose gold business card

Metal business cards are the sort of new trend in the market. Each year pops up some of the new trends in the market. Among all your competitors, you surely need to create a wow factor in your business, and then metal cards is surely an option to consider for you. Not only the metal cards can make the best business cards, but they can also be ravishing invitation cards.

Either it is a birthday card or marriage invitation card, you can have a glossy metal card completely complimenting your event theme.

It’s a newer trend, so many of you might not know much about these metal cards. So stay to the screen and learn everything you needed to know about it.

Rose gold copper business cards:

Our company proudly owns sleek copper-gold business cards that can complement any business. The texture, the etched patterns, and the quality are up to the mark.

Let’s have a look at the cards available:

Plated rose gold metal card:

One of the luxury cars with elegant flowers etched on the top. It is a blend of elegance with beauty. If you have just started a new business, then this metal card can surely turn the head of the clients to your business.

You must have heard that “the first impression is the last impression,” although if you don’t agree with this phrase even then, you must agree that first impression decides much about future relations. So this copper-gold metal card is truly credible to cast an everlasting impression.

Cutting, etching, and the laser engraving elegantly sets the rose gold alphabets on the base of the metal plate. For standing out the text on the card, the background is a little white.

Moreover, our plated rose gold metal card has beautiful etching flower textures on the background. This gives it the perfection you can have always dreamt of.


Etched words metal card:

If you don’t want the conventional letter printing on the metal card, and always have a quest for something more creative, then the next option is surely for you.

The next collection has the etched cut words on one of the sides of the metal card. The metal card is etched finely with the die-cut words. Further, according to the design, you also have the option to engrave the texts on the card too.

Then, at last, the perfect finish is done with the rose gold plating. Then this perfection is ready to give your business a buzz.

Mirror rose gold metal business cards:

If you love the gloss and the polished finish, then this option is meant for you. This card is fully dripping in the elegance and the spirit with which you want to represent your business.

Often it happens that you don’t find the spark and the oomph you always wanted to represent your business, and you don’t find so? Then you have reached the right option. The perfect reflective surface depicts the energy you must hold in you.

Plated rose frosted gold card:

Another perfect option for all the creative souls out there. The whole metal plate is etched precisely with the flowers and the background that seems frosted. It is the perfect option for printing invitation cards.

If you have an event directing company, then give a thought to this newer trend. According to the theme, you have selected the metal card, engrave the invitation quote and let the glossy finishing spark do the rest for you.

Let your party stand out among the others, and never fail to impress your friends at the very first invitation.

Alien rose gold card:

Do you want a sleek minimalist design for the card?

A sleek metal card, having the etched flowers, and the logo of your company. In the perfectly balanced flower frame, the reflective logo of the company is for sure eye-catching. Then there is time to give the final touch; the card is plated with the fine copper-gold.

Plated rose gold card:

Perfectly carved abstract lines setting on the frosted background of the metal plate can cater to every creative soul. Your required specifications etched on the side gives it a neat, professional look.


What benefits the metal cards can provide you?

You might think, what is the purpose of the metal card when the conventional paper cards were serving the purpose?

Then you are sorely mistaken.

There are a couple of reasons which outweigh the benefits of the metal card over conventional paper business cards. Let’s have a look at those to make you sure about your choice.

Uniqueness and perfectionism stand out in the business world. Professionalism is the key to win the heart of your clients. Even the small business is now turning the trend to invest in the metal business cards.

If you are running a small business, then you must consider making the first time investment in the metal cards and cast a solid impression on the clients.

Have you ever considered how many paper business cards left untreated on your office desk or rot in your wallet, so why you expect this to make an impression for your business?

The clients out there in the market love the degree of personalization you can give them in services. The handshake in the business world often couples with the business card exchange. So what is wrong in going a step ahead in showing your identity.

What you have to do to design a metal card for you?

Just Metal Cards provides on-door easy to access services, by filling a few specifications you can place the order for your metal card.

The professionals can help you in selecting the right choice for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Go and order the rose gold metal cards and let them give an instant buzz to your business.

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