5 Tips on Black Metal Business Cards

Black Metal Business Cards

Business cards have become an important icon of the entrepreneurial world.

A great way to share information about oneself as well as one’s business, they have today become an indispensable must have.


When it comes to business cards, there is quite a wide variety when you think about it.

From the classic paper ones, to those made out of plastic, the material of choice is certainly aplenty. Of them all, one of the most interesting is that of metal.

Metal cards have been around for quite a long time, but are still looked up to as something ‘unique’, given how rarely they are used.



As much as metal business cards are unique unto themselves, they themselves come in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

Of the many that are available, one of the most interesting would be that of black metal cards.

If you are planning on using black business cards, it would be a good idea to know some useful tips on them.

There are several tips that can be looked into, when it comes to black metal business cards. The details of the same are listed out in the points below.


  1. It Need Not Be All Black

Although common to have cards be all black, the reality is that there is no such requirement.

On the contrary, feel free to experiment with the kinds of patterns that you use, and see what you get. For example, you could have a card that is almost entirely black, but with patches where there is no black paint.

Then again, you could have others which are only half black or quarter black, with the other having no pigment at all and exposing the metallic surface.

Simply put, use the color in a way that is both appealing as well as creative, for maximum effect on potential clients. The exact nature of this will depend on a variety of things, ranging from the kind of content you need to convey, to the designs being used, as well as any other need that you may want to address.


  1. You can Use Both Printing & Etching

The details to be printed on the cards can be done using both printing as well as etching.

Printing involves the binding of pigments to the surface of the card using heat, magnetism or other properties, while etching involves the removal of a thin layer of metal from the card’s surface to create a pattern representing the information required.

There is no specific rule as to the ‘right way’ one should present the information. On the contrary, it will depend on what you want out of the card, and the nature of the business.


  1. Try a Minimalist Design

One of the main reasons why a black card is used, is to help the information, inlay designs and other such details ‘stand out’ from the background.

Given that the background is all black, the one reading the card is simply ‘forced’ to read the information that is presented.

This aspect is especially great about the cards, since it has a much greater potential to convey the details you would like to the recipient, than in other cases.

In this regard, it would be a good idea to use a minimalist design, as too much artwork, label graphics and information can eliminate the dark background.

Remember to use the minimalist template when using black business cards for maximum effect. The best way to understand such templates is to display only the most basic of information on the card and remove everything else. All excess is to be purged from the card, in order for the black background to have effect.


  1. Use White Ink for Effect

This is another great way to make the card stand out.

White ink will stand out clearly from the black background, making it ideal for the message to be easily conveyed to the recipient.

It should also be noted that other colors may not stand out on such cards at all, making them useless to be used. In fact, the only real background that allows for all the other colors to stand out is that of white.

Therefore, try to eliminate most other colors on the card, and stick to white color for the fonts and other details. It is not something you can really negotiate with at the end of the day, since that’s how color combinations and schemes work.

But this need not necessarily mean that you shouldn’t use other colors at all. You can still use them sparingly, especially if they are those of lighter shades, since they tend to stand out a bit more. In addition to this, you could also have ‘patches’ of white on the card, which allows for other colors to stand out.


  1. Use a Suitable Font

The font of choice should also be something that works with a black background.

While it is possible for all fonts to work when used right, there is a difference between making them work effectively and not-so-effectively.

You’ll need to check for a font that works for your specific requirement and stick with it. It would be a good idea to check out a few fonts in this regard, before you get started with ordering the final design.

Another thing to remember when using fonts, which is very important, is to use a size that allows a good part of the card’s black background to stand out. There is no use in having really large font sizes, for that would remove the ‘standing out’ effect of the black cards.



Of course, these are just some of the important suggestions that you could look into, when using black cards. Do note that there are many more strategies that are available, which you can consider when using black business cards.

To sum up, black metal business cards are some of the most unique and striking ones that you can ever get your hands on. From their coloration, to the way they help the content stand out, and everything in between, they are an interesting accessory you can think about, in your business life.

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