Advantages of Stainless Steel Business Cards

Advantages of Stainless Steel Business Cards

Business cards have been an integral part of modern business for quite some time.

As simple as they may be, they have become one of the most iconic symbols of the entrepreneurial world.


There is a reason for this being so.

Given their uniqueness, designs and at the end of it all, a signature statement, they have become an almost indispensable part of business.

Of the many metals and alloys that are used for making business cards, one of the best happens to be those made of stainless steel.

The reason for this has to do with the many advantages they come with. Some of the main advantages of steel business cards are listed out in the points below.


  1. Resistant to Corrosion  

Although metal cards are a popular choice, they come with a major disadvantage, which is that they corrode.

This is especially true in the case of metals such as copper. At the same time however, it doesn’t hold true in the case of stainless steel, given its resistance to corrosion.

Corrosion is a process by which a metal steadily oxidizes and erodes, and is a major issue when it comes to the management of metal objects and structures. And indeed, the same issues do exist, when cards are made from the metals.

This is by far one of the best metal cards that one can go for, as it is almost impossible for them to corrode, even in rather bad environments.

All of this helps to keep them looking good for a very long time and quite literally leaving a lasting impression.

Do note that there are some limitations even to stainless steel. For example, exposure to salt water, especially over long periods, has a tendency to corrode even stainless steel.

It should be noted that metals can be preserved for a longer period of time, when painted over, as it acts as a protective cover from the surrounding atmosphere, allowing it to last longer. This however, may add up to the final production cost if one were to have the entire surface covered with paint.


  1. Amazing Texture

There is something very unique about the texture of stainless steel.

Whether polished or scratched, or for that matter anything else, the dull-grey lustrous surface of stainless steel has always been appealing to the human eye.

This makes cards especially attractive, should you be interested in handing them out to further your business goals.

In addition to this, the same holds true for the sense of touch as well, with the cards having a very pleasant surface to feel through.

These two factors, in a multitude of ways, provide for a most appealing business card, regardless of the nature of the business.


  1. It is relatively cheap

An important advantage of stainless steel business cards is that it is relatively cheap in comparison to other metals.

Given the abundance of iron in the world, it can be understood that materials derived from it will be reasonably affordable. This is often in sharp contrast with metals such as copper, which are comparatively rare.

This makes the prospect of metallic business cards a relatively inexperienced affair, as you don’t have to spend as much as you think you should.


  1. Long Lasting

This is not about corrosion, as pointed out in the first point, but rather the fact that it is long lasting per se.

Stainless steel, when handled and stored properly, can last for years without any damage. There is a reason why steel is used for everything from instruments to construction and everything in between.

This characteristic feature makes stainless steel cards especially useful when you want your client to know you over an extended period of time.

In turn, it makes the usage of steel an excellent choice for those interesting in making the business cards long lasting.


  1. Color and Design

The usage of stainless steel for business cards is not really limited to its natural grayish coloration.

On the contrary, it can be colored up, either in part or whole, in a variety of ways. With paints and pigments that are designed for metallic surfaces, it is possible to have them in an array of colors and designs.

This is a great thing for those who are interested in cards that have the strength of stainless steel, but the style of a regular paper or plastic business card.


  1. Easy to Etch

Although it is common to have stainless steel or other metal cards printed with the contact details of the business man, a more frequently used strategy is that of etching.

Etching, whether manual or through means such as laser, allow for the removal of a thin layer of metal from the card’s surface, which when done in a pattern allows for the display of information.

Although strong and stable, stainless steel is easy to etch through both physical as well as laser means, making it an ideal choice if you want an etched metallic card.

Then again, you might be interested in cards which are acid etched, which, although rare, is also a suitable option.


  1. Great for Unique Designs

The typical business card is usually rectangular in shape, and sometimes square.

This however, is not always something that clients want. Quite often, they prefer interesting cuts, shapes, patterns and more across the cards to make it more attractive. They are a favorite among many people, who like that an otherwise normal rectangular card has been cut with holes shaped like flowers, leaves, company logos and more.

As interesting as it may be, the fact is that the average business card isn’t quite prepared for this. The cards which have too many designs cut into them can possibly tear if the size of the design’s holes is too big. This is however not a problem for stainless steel cards, as they can hold far greater number of patterns, holes and more, without losing their firmness.

In this regard, you could say that stainless steel, given its strength, is the perfect pick for those wanting custom-designed and patterned business cards.



In all, the points mentioned above are some of the most important points worth mentioning, when it comes to steel business cards.

In addition to these, there are indeed many more as well, all of which make them the unique creations that they are at the end of the day.


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