Custom metal business cards considerations

It is clear that metal business cards are beautiful and look more elegant compared to other types of business cards. However, several details need to be checked before making your decision. This article will highlight all the details you need to confirm before ordering the metal business cards.

  1. Cost

Metal business cards are expensive. Regardless of that, they are a worthy investment. Metal business cards leave a lasting impression on a client compared to the traditional paper business cards. The cost of making them is, however, higher because they need a lot of work, not to mention the type of material used to make the cards.

  1. Type of Metal

Most of the metal business cards are made using stainless steel or alloy of iron. The former is prone to rust; hence, some additional color or paint is added to prevent the cards from rusting.

The alloy of iron, on the other hand, is affordable, resistant to corrosion, and the shine it provides lasts longer. An alloy of iron is the better option when choosing the type of metal you want for your cards. Your service provider should advise on the best material, depending on your business logo or design.

There are different kinds of metallic finishes for metal business cards. The most common ones are silver, rose gold, copper, and matte black.

  1. Safety checks

Metal business cards, if not made properly, can pose a safety risk. The cards should have rounded corners and smooth edges, so they do not end up hurting people. Avoid custom shape designs that will make the cards have sharp corners.

  1. Choice of color

It is impressive how metal business cards can still have color additions. High quality paint should be used for the cards to have a beautiful look, and the paint should not chip easily. One of the drawbacks of poor quality paint is that if the color starts to wear off or chip, your contact information will be lost, and your cards will no longer be meaningful to the client.

The technique applied when coloring the metal business cards is also imperative. The screen printing process gives a more attractive finishing compared to other methods. It recommended that you choose colors that are directly on the company’s emblem. This will help clients to remember your business quickly.

  1. Thickness of the card

Metal cards are more cumbersome than the typical paper cards, and that is why it is crucial to have in mind the thickness distribution based on the clients’ needs and the business view.

If the cards are too thick, they will be bulky and difficult to walk around with every day. Clients also get different business cards from other people, so it will be hectic to walk around with several metallic business cards in their wallets.

The standard thickness should be either 0.3mm or 0.5mm. 0.3mm is less expensive and light too but not feather-light like paper business cards. 0.5mm is bulkier and perfect for matte black business cards. 0.8mm and 1mm thick metal business cards are also available in the market, but they are perfect for unique cards that can also be used as bottle openers.

  1. Specific card details

This includes the business logo, designs, and shape cutouts that you would wish to have on the business cards. Make it clear to your service provider how you want your cards to look like. The printings and engravings on the cards also need to be factored in.

Printing on metal cards is done using chemicals and other pigments, which leads to very bright and attractive cards. However, printing is not long lasting compared to engraving because the print wears off after a while, and your contact information will get lost, making the card useless.

Engraving, on the other hand, does not produce very bright cards, but there is no risk of your contact details getting lost. If you are financially strained, you can do both printing and engraving. The cost will be higher, but the outcome will be much better.

  1. Additional Features

One of the advantages of using metal business cards is that they are versatile and can easily be customized to add more features. Magnetic backing and adhesive backing can be added to the cards, which is an excellent idea because the client does not have to walk around with bulky business cards in their wallet.

The magnetic and adhesive backing allows the cards to be attached to a fridge or any other flat surface. This way, your contact details will not get lost easily. Your information will also be easily accessible to many people compared to one person walking around with the card in their wallet.

  1. Type of Finishing

Most of the metal business cards have two types of finishing. Either the brushed finishing or the frosted finishing. The brushed technique is more expensive, but the cards will look luxurious. The frosted finishing, on the other hand, is affordable and gives an elegant look to the cards.

If you are not limited to a budget, the brushed finishing is the best for metal business cards. If you want silver metal cards, you should consider a plain matte finishing look, which makes the card stand out more.

  1. Target Clientele

Metal business cards are expensive to produce, and they should give you a good return on investment. As an entrepreneur, it is still recommended to have two sets of business cards depending on where you need to issue them. If you are dealing with high-end clients, the metal business cards are more appropriate because the potential for profit will be higher.

Analyzing your target market informs you where and when to issue metal business cards and where to issue ordinary business cards. This will prevent you from incurring losses of making metal cards, which will not bring back the return on investment.

Bottom Line

Metal business cards have changed the outlook of business cards. Not forgetting they have multiple benefits, including being durable, and they give you an edge compared to ordinary paper cards. Investing in metal business cards is a good idea, but you should put in mind all the underlying factors before settling on one.






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