What Are the Advantages of Black Metal Business Cards Compared to Other Metal Business Cards?

Black Metal Business Cards

Issuing black metal business cards is a great way to make a memorable first impression on your clients. With the right design, color combinations and quality materials, choosing black for your business cards will easily set you apart from the competition. Black metal business cards offer various advantages, as they benefit from both worlds (solid color and material).

Concerning impression, brand and logo designers understand the power of color psychology and how it can be used to proposition your business. Every offer from your company, including all products, cards, websites and stationery, should unify your brand and color offers the best way to achieve this. A black metal business card sends a different message from that of a white, blue, or red metal card.

Nothingness, black metal cards are among the various metal business cards in the market. Other metal cards include:

Brass Finish Cards

If you’re looking forward to having cards that will grab attention, then brass cards are the ultimate choice. They tend to look like they’re made from gold. They have a shiny coating that gives them a polished gold or shiny brass look. Brass finish cards are ideal for people in trend-conscious business or fashion industry. They’re most familiar with millennials or Gen Z.

Stainless Steel Cards

The stainless metal business cards are made from 100% stainless steel fabric. They are designed to capture a trendy modern feel in a timeless manner. And just like other metal business cards, stainless steel cards are highly customizable to suit your needs and wishes. Furthermore, they are cost-effective and grabs attentions, leaving a memorable first impression. More so, these cards are highly durable. They are ideal in the fashion industry and other trendy fields.

Copper Cards

These metal business cards are a combination of rustic and modern. They turn heads pretty fast and can turn casual talks into 30-minutes conversations. Copper cards are the perfect escape from the standard stainless steel vibe.

Carbon Fiber Business Cards

These cards are designed using high-quality carbon fiber source materials. Carbon fiber business cards offer a stunning design that will awe-strike your clients and associates. These cards are incredibly lightweight, yet stronger than stainless steel.

So, Why Choose Black Metal Business Cards over Other Metal Cards?

All business cards play the same role. They market your business and offer a quick reference when a customer needs your services. Black metal business cards command attention and are associated with wealth. Customers immediately expect your business to take sophistication, elegance, power, serious values and company culture very seriously. Black metal business cards also carry darkness, mystery and intimidation to the level of drawing attention away from all the other colors. People will be curious to touch and read the messages you have on the black metal card, which is what you are eyeing when issuing business cards.

Black metal business cards are designed using the same technology as other metal cards. However, they have features that make them stand out among other metal cards. Here are the reasons why you should choose black metal business cards over other metal cards;

  1. Compatible with Various Corporate Colors

Whether you are starting a new business or creating business cards for the first time, it is essential to harmonize your colors across different mediums and platforms. Black offers a perfect background on which you can integrate other logo and company colors. Black also has a unique way of letting all the different colors around it shine, so people can notice even the faintest of shades you add. You can incorporate other company colors in the wordings, frame, or patterns you add to the black metal business card. If your goal is to be seen as a reliable authority figure in your niche market, you can never go wrong with black.

  1. Durable 

Black metal business cards are significantly durable than other alternatives. Metal is already a significant jump from plastic and cardboard. However, business card designers understand that black represents the ultimate quality and sophistication. As such, black metal business cards offer several years of service and are resistant to most wear and tear elements. Nonetheless, you should pick black metal business cards that are made from high-quality metal or metallic allows. As a general rule of thumb, you should stay away from pure iron and other ferrous metals susceptible to rusting. Black metal business cards are also easy to maintain, and the wordings will not fade away any time soon.

  1. All-Round Cards

It doesn’t matter the business field you are in. the black metal business cards are designed to suit all professionals. Whether you’re in mining, teaching, or in the fashion industry, the black metal cards will create a last impression.

  1. Creates a Lasting Impression

The first impression is everything. It matters from creating friendships to becoming business partners. In the competitive market, you have one chance to make a first impression. This can make or break you. Your black metal business cards will serve as your marketing tools.

It also shows your seriousness in doing business. If you can invest in a durable, posh-looking card, then it tells the world you’re ready to invest in your business. With this, you can easily win over tenders and get lasting associates. In short, the black metal cards speak volume about you and your business while you talk less.

Professional Black Metal Business Cards

Several companies provide business cards, so finding one is an effortless task. However, only a few can guarantee the timely delivery of high-quality black business cards. At Just Metal Cards, our goal is to provide premium business cards that feature elegance, durability and ergonomics. A black business card does not offer much room to fuss around with your colors and wordings. However, it offers something most businesses yearn, that is, setting you apart from competition before anything else is considered.

Black metal business cards are perfect for exhibitions and trade fairs, as well as pitching meetings. Just Metal Cards is dedicated to working independently with each business to design and print high-quality cards according to the envisioned specifications. Prices are also quite flexible.


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