Which metal business card accessory products are worth buying

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A business card is a very important aspect of any business. When a business card is handed to a potential client or a prospect, it becomes a more personalized form of marketing. A business card will be the first impression of your business on your potential client. That is why you would need it to catch the eye of your potential client so that he or she would remember it after your initial meeting.

Although a business card must contain relevant information about you and your business, there are other ways to promote your business through business cards. One of those ways includes the texture of your business card. There are so many varieties in business cards these days that include classic paper business cards, metal business cards, and metallic business cards. The metal business cards have their own appeal and so many people have been asking and checking how much metal business card cost and if the alternate metallic business cards are worth it.

Which texture to choose for your business cards?

The paper business cards have impressive textures and designs that will catch your eye, but it is way common for most businesses. The metallic business cards are a cost-effective solution for those who want luxurious look by spending less money but not to the level of metal business cards.

The metal business cards are the most expensive cards as they require real metal to be shaped into business cards, which is not cheap. This option is chosen by those who want to make a good impression on a potential client. Choosing metal business cards means your business is recognized or well-known, it somehow shows legitimization and boldness, and the fact that you are offering business service on a bigger level. While choosing a metal design, you have to be careful about the shape getting sharp edges. Metals also come in a limited shade, most commonly people use stainless steel or silver grayish metal cards because bronze and gold require more upcharge for ink and color. They are heavy and one of the ultimate limitations of metal business cards is that they are not travel-friendly, especially in airports. When you have enough budget then go for metal business cards as it will make a long-lasting impression on anyone who will get it from you.

Top worth buying accessory products for metal business cards

If you are a person who chooses to have the metal business cards, then here we have picked out some accessory products that are surely worth buying for. Let’s have a look:

  • Metal business card holder for desk/table: We have all known what a cardholder is but having one specially made to hold your metal business card must be a little catchy. Usually, when you have metal business cards to promote your business, the cardholder must compliment the business cards inside it as well. A metal business card holder can be put on your desk or office table. You will have easy access to get it and give it to potential clients. They can have different sizes and different capacities to hold cards. Usually, people go with the one that can hold at least 50 cards at a time. They come in different colors, so you can choose to get one that is suitable for your office décor and the color of your business card. There are options for customization as well. You can design your own metal business card holder by carving your own business logo on it or choosing its color, etc. You can have it made customized according to your business niche. Like if you have a book-related business, a book type cardholder would be nice.
  • Desktop business card holder made from wood: If you have metal business cards but they keep on clinging and making awkward noise, then go for the desktop business card holders made from wood. They are simpler in design and would be a durable accessory in your office for metal business cards.
  • Thin leather wallets for metal business cards: When you are a businessperson, you tend to meet a lot of potential clients or go to places where you would want to introduce your business to other people. At that time, keeping a stack of metal business cards in a separate thin leather wallet can come in handy. You don’t have to go through your personal wallet in front of everyone. These types of wallets come in a minimalistic approach and have simpler designs. Just choose one and you will know its worth in times like these. They are mostly handcrafted and slightly expensive, but they tend to last years.
  • Metal case for metal business cards: You must have seen people carrying whiskey or wine in metal bottles and cigarettes or cigars in metal boxes during parties. This fancy way goes with the occasion and yet people get to drink and smoke at the same time without looking awkward at a party. Well, having a metal business card holder case in those situations can make you look all fancy and bold as well. There are metal cases available in different colors that can hold metal business cards in a classy way. Most of them are made with stainless steel and have a satin finish and high polish which makes it quite fancy accessory especially during parties. The polished side can be used as a mirror too. They come in different sizes too. Pick a pocket-size, it will have 15 to 20 cards capacity mostly, which will be enough for one party.
  • Personalized leather case for metal business cards: Having a personalized leather case in which you hold your stack of metal business cards is chic and makes a sophisticated impression. It can be easily tucked in your pocket of any dress. They are usually made customized and their size is also customized. They can be made in different colors or different types of leather as per your choice.

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