3 Ways To Add A Serial Number To Your Metal Membership Cards

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Some of you will be quite naturally worried about whether or not you should include a serial number on your metal membership cards. Metal membership cards are comparatively expensive than their paper and plastic counterparts, and they are also virtually indestructible. It is tough to get rid of a metal card, but adding a serial number helps businesses identify their customers and also ensures that nobody else except the designated person can use that card.
Adding a serial number is essential as it helps you identify and look up information about your specific customer. Each serial number needs to be unique and also only registered against one customer. You can easily add the variable name, date, and other details on the metal membership cards that you plan on designing.
There are mainly three types of variable number styles (all with different fonts) that you can get made on your metal membership cards. I have listed all of them down below.

1. You Can Etch Your Variable Number On The Business Card

One of the common ways through which you can add a serial number on your metal membership card is by etching it on the metal card. Etching the serial number on the card has many benefits, one it doesn’t protrude out of the metal card, which means that it won’t stretch any fabrics or ruin your customer’s wallet.
The metal base also gives a sleek feeling against your hand, which feels even better when the card is smooth. The etching process happens at the start of manufacturing the card. You can get etching done in a card shape, or you can get hollow etching done.

The etch depth of the card will generally be at 20% of the total depth of the card. This depth limit ensures that the card region where the etching is does not get too weak because of etching. You can also be a little unique with your card etching and fill the numbers with any color that you want. If it is a convex, embossed number, if you can put a piece of paper on it, you can paint the number.
Etching your serial number on a metal card costs a lot, and the project itself is high risk because if one number on any metal card or all the cards is damaged, then the whole cycle needs to be repeated.

2. You Can Get Your Laser Variable Number

Another option that you can get is that you can get a laser variable number card. Laser numbering happens at the last step of the card-making process. All the printing and cutting out of the card will be done beforehand while leaving out a small space for the serial number of the metal card. The amount that is printed out using a laser is also concave in shape precisely like the etching card design that I have talked about above.
However, there is a small difference between laser and chemical etching your cards. In etching the card, the depth is about 20%, whereas, in the other form, the depth is about 10%. You can get the serial number laser printed on your card if you are in a hurry because the entire process of laser printing is done by digital machines that can get the job done quickly.
A laser is a suitable option for when you’re looking to get your serial number printed on your membership card. However, laser printing cannot work on colored cards; therefore, it is only feasible if you don’t coat your metal card with anything. If your membership card is of a sturdy material like steel, then it should not have any color prints on it for the laser to work and also for the laser to look elegant.

3. You Can Simply Print The Number On The Membership Card

Printing the number on the surface of a metal card is perhaps the quickest and the most time-efficient method available. However, printing a number on the surface of a card looks unprofessional, and there is also a high likelihood that the number will fade off over time.
Fading of numbers gives an unprofessional impression, and since you are already making an investment and getting your card made out of a durable material like stainless steel, then the naturally preferred method would be to get your serial number lasered or chemically etched on your metal membership cards.
In printing numbers, the number position will be filled out by silkscreen. Theses steps are done manually, so it depends on the season you get your cards made. The time until the project completes is variable. The numbers are directly silkscreened on the cards, so there is no concave or convex feel.
Getting your serial number printed on the card allows you to use many different colors, fonts, and styles. You can’t get a lot of different colors while using the laser printing method for your metal membership cards.

How To Choose A Number For My Cards?

If, for example, you have a matt black card, then you can opt to get your serial number made in any other color but black. Good color options would be silver and gun mettalic. You can get your serial number etched into a concave shape and then get the color added.
If the budget is a problem, then you can opt for laser printing your serial number on the metal card. Otherwise, you can also choose silk screen printing.

What To Do When My Card Is Gold Plated?

If you want a gold-colored number on your card, then you can just get chemical etching done and then plate the card with gold. The entire card will be the same in gold.

What Should I Do If My Card Is Stainless Steel Brushed And I Want It In Black?

The process is simple for when you have a stainless steel brushed card. You can get the number etched first then fill it with any color of your liking.

What Should I Do If My Card Is Pure Stainless Steel With No Coating?

The best option then is to get your cards laser printed.

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