Six Luxury Metal Business Card Designs

Are you looking to get a luxury metal business card made for your business? If your business is something like a resort or a golf course, then you would seriously want to consider getting a metal business card made.

Metal business cards can help you build a luxurious perception of your service or company. It can help boost your appeal and make customers want to interact with you.

Below I’ve talked about some of the top luxury metal card designs that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Leather Printing Design

Leather Printing Design business card

One way through which you can make your card feel luxurious is by giving it an external texture. Crocodile skin is a luxurious product, and bags and shoes made out of crocodile skin are priced very high.

You can get your metal card to replicate the texture of crocodile skin so that whenever anyone holds your card, they can’t help but go over its surface in awe. There are numerous textures that you can get printed on your leather card to give it a luxurious feel.

2. Mirror Metal Business Card / Part Gold Mirror Design


What’s better than having a metal card that is both luxurious and functional? You can get a mirror metal business card made that can give off a luxury feel and act like a reflective surface when anyone wants to check their hair or makeup.

Mirror metal business cards draw more attention than the other conventional card designs, and these kinds of cards can sport intricate designs and can also contain a minimal amount of information and still leave the client curious and asking for more.

What could be better than a mirror design paired with a royal color like gold? Gold has been a popular color for many years, and people can’t just get enough of this beautiful color.

There have been many variations, and people have gone around making different color shades like rose gold, and metallic gold. Even after these different shades, the pure gold color stays uncontested and unbeatable in history.

3. Reverse Etching Card

Reverse Etching Card metal card

Another unique design you can get made for your metal cards is the reverse etching card design. With reverse etching, you can add unique prints and uniquely place your content.

Metal cards are durable and are bound to last for years; therefore, it is better to get your card content printed on the card sustainably. Normal screenprinting tends to fade and get worn down with usage, and therefore it is better to get your content either etched on the metal card or laser printed on the metallic card.

4. Bronze Metal Business Cards

Bronze Metal Business Cards

The colors. In which you can get your metal cards to promote a royal feel are gold, copper, and bronze. These metallic shades can help you exhibit a specific class and a unique feeling of royale.

Bronze is an excellent color to get your metal card made in. You can even get unique designs die-cut into your card that can help you convey your message visually. Bronze is a metal that can also get plated easily, and you can get different colors and shades for your business cards.

Die cuts with intricate patterns can help you bring out the beauty of your metal cards and can help you make your card unique and luxurious.

5. Vacuum Plating

Vacuum Plating metal business card

Another new addition to making your cards luxurious is by adding vacuum plating cards. You can get royal colors like black and blue plated on your metal cards, which can cause your potential customers to be momentarily curious about the metal card and the type of material it is made of.

Keeping your customers interested is the key to having an effective sales pitch, and you can quickly achieve that by getting your cards vacuum plated. Vacuum plating works with the help of vacuum chambers.

In vacuum coating, metal cards are coated through vapors with the presence of inert gas. This method of coating ensures that the coating is spread evenly through the entire metal card. The vacuum chamber ensures that no external factors influence your card coating, making sure that you get a high-quality coat each time.

If you want your metal card to be made in a unique color and also look luxurious with a beautiful finish, then you should get a vacuum plating done. A vacuum plating can give out a smooth tone and can help create an appeal for your brand or service.

6. 24k Gold/ Silver Metal Card

24k Gold Silver Metal Card

One of the traditional ways through which you can get your metal card made is by getting a stainless steel metal card coated in 24k gold or by keeping it in its original color.

The color gold is something businesses universally use to exhibit class, and if you want to use metal business cards to boost your conversions, then an excellent way to do that is by letting your customers know that they will get a premium service.

Gold metal cards can do this job effectively for you. You can get your cards gold or silver-plated to give out an aesthetic appeal and also to help you wow your audience.

However, you want to make your metal business card is up to you, and there are many ways through which you can create a luxury appeal. Creating a luxury appeal has more to do with how you present yourself as a business and also how you communicate.

Metal business cards can act as an effective conversation booster and can help even the most uninterested of clients be interested in your business. They also give out a good impression, and they let your clients know that you are serious about your business and that you are also dedicated and committed to your goals.

It’s the small things that matter, and you never know which little thing can persuade your clients into doing business with you. Therefore while designing your metal business cards, it is best to devote much focus on the details so that you can avail the maximum benefit out of your investment.

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