How Are Die-Cut Metal Business Cards Made ?

How Are Die-Cut Metal Business Cards Made

Before placing a massive order for metal cards, it is always best to know precisely what happens with the metal card, the process the metal goes through, and exactly how the end product will look. Most places place a sample order first before going in with the big order. After all, if you’re investing so much on metal business cards, then you should at least get a good job done.

However, in some instances, we just simply do not have enough time to check and need the order to be made urgently. In situations like these, the best thing you can do is understand how each die-cut process works so that you can choose the type of finish you would want for the business cards,
In this article, we are going to talk about the two ways through which you can get your card die cut. Knowing the techniques will help you get an idea of the finishing so that you can get the best out of your deal.

Cut out Thickness Cost Lead time
Laser cut out Over 0.8mm Extra Fee 3-5 days delay
Etching cut out Less 0.8mm Free Normal

Laser-Cut Metal Business Card

laser cut machine
Getting your cards later cut is a quick process; in the laser cut method, the perfect cuts are created by the use of proper machinery. A laser machine emits a high-density laser beam. This laser beam stays straight and doesn’t scatter because of an optical path system.

The heat from the laser beam melts any metal that comes into contact with it, and the high-pressure gas that is coaxial with the beam blows off all the molten and vaporized metal. The beam moves along to make a die-cut engravement, and the coaxial moves along with it.
The laser beam, through its high power and mechanical movements, can form a slit that we commonly call die cut. Most business cards are 0.8mm in thickness, but if your card is thicker than the standard size, then you will have to get it laser cut.

Chemical Etching Cut Metal Business Card

die cut metal business cards design-50

Chemical etching cut is often used for most metal cards and is used to cut out logos or emphasize on your company name.

This method involves the use of high pressure, high temperature, and potent chemicals to get your desired cut. There are a printing Films positive side and negative side, the chemical used in chemical etching cuts through the negative side while saving the positive side.

This method is used only for cards that have a thickness of 0.8mm or less. The chemical etching cut can help create unique patterns on the surface of most metal cards.

The chemical etching method creates a permanent pattern in metals or on the surface of the material. The chemical etching cut achieves its targets through an etching machine that stimulates the corrosive reaction and also works towards amplifying the effect by heating the solution and spraying the chemical at high pressure on the metal surface.

You can also cut through your metal business card through chemical etching , provided that the card is not too thick. All you need to do is specify the areas where the cards need to be cut through; chemicals will be used to etch through your card wherever you have specified, and the areas that you want to be cut through will also have to be defined in your order.

The Tips of how to design the cut out part on your metal business card

die cut design

1, The diameter for the cut-through will be at a minimum of 0.2 in width. If there is any floating material on your metal card, then you will need to add tie bars that will be of a minimum diameter of 0.2mm.

2, For the cut through you will also be required to remove all the clipping masks and hidden objects, and you will also have to convert all the fonts and outlines into vector objects.

Die-cut metal business cards can give your business an edge. If done correctly, it can help make your business card stand out and can help you get more calls back asking for your services. Just metal cards have properly constructed packages and professional staff to deal with all your card requirements. We can help you select and choose the best metal card designs for your business, and they offer free add-ins, in each type of packages like die-cut and laser printing.
If you’re looking for skilled professionals to make your metal cards for you, then just metal cards might just be the answer for you as we continuously get die-cut orders, and our team has gained extensive hands-on experience through trial and error.
Below we’ve listed down a few questions that we frequently get. I hope this helps you!

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Do Cards Deform After The Die Cut?

No, not necessarily, it all depends on the material you get die-cut. If you’re using a soft and malleable material like plastic, then there are high chances that the card will get deformed after the die-cut process, whether the process is a laser or chemical etching.
Our cards are made out of type 304 steel, which is very hard, and thus there is no risk of the metal deforming with use.

2. Can You Do A Die-Cut For Metal Business Cards Of Any Thickness?

Yes, getting your die cuts done is very achievable for us, no matter the thickness of your cards. For cards that are thicker than 0.8mm, we use the laser cut method to achieve a fine and precise cut. For cards that are thin and are also below the thickness of 0.8 mm use the medicinal etching method.

3. Does The Die-Cut Process Require Extra Charges?

No, Our packages are constructed in a way that they include die-cut. Therefore, you do not need to pay extra to get your cards die-cut.

4. Do Cut Out Metal Cards Need More Time To Prepare?

No, our die-cut cards and cut out cards require the same time and can be made without taking any extra time or extensions.

If you have more questions about die cut metal business cards , Please feel free to contact us .

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