Four Types Of Metal Membership Cards

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If you’re thinking of rewarding your loyal customers for sticking through with you and your business, then you could consider getting metal membership cards.

Metal membership cards are luxurious , and they give out a great feeling as well. These durable cards are bound to stick around for life, and it shows that you care and value the customers that have stuck by you and supported you through the growth process.

At specific points in time, almost all businesses have considered implementing loyalty programs to award their high paying clients so that the top paying clients refer their services to people in their circle and financial background. These programs are an excellent way to get more high paying customers.

These cards can also act as a way to distinguish your top clients from occasional buyers, which puts your customer service rep on alert as well. Not only this, but these cards also are an excellent incentive for other not so valuable clients to engage in business more to be able to enjoy the loyalty card perks.

Below I’m going to talk to you about the top 5 metal membership card types and include a brief intro about their features so that you can get a fair idea of what you think will be best for your business. With each type of card, I will also be listing down their general pros and cons.

1. Chip Metal Membership Cards

Brass Gold Chip Metal Membership Cards

Chip membership cards are a good option because these cards are scannable. These chips are also secure and provide a consolidated space for all the client’s purchasing history. The chips are covered by transparent epoxy resin and have a write-protect function and even includes a programming security authentication function.

If you’re looking to impress your customers, a metallic card with an embedded chip might just be able to do the job for you. It can create a lasting impression on your client and left them forever impressed with your service.

Most of the chips used in metal cards are locally produced. However, the type of chip that you want to be installed is entirely up to you, and you can also choose to get your chips imported. Currently, the most common chip to be used is the domestically produced FM4442/ FM4428 chip. The commonly used imported chip SLE4442 is another option that you can use while designing your membership card.

These chips are differentiated by the number of bits they have with the FM4442 having the lowest number of bits at 256bits. The other FM4428 chip and the SLE4442 chip both have 1024 bits. These chips can be used for more than a hundred thousand times, and they can hold data for periods of up to ten years.

black metal NFC Chip Metal Membership Card

Many people prefer using NFC forms of chips because they are convenient, and they are generally much faster than the non-contact smart chip. Metal NFC Cards often used in bus control cards, and even in mobile payment.

Their nature to store data and to be able to be used quickly make them the preferred choice for subways and mobile payments. The fast technology helps facilitate customer convenience the chip is also limited to 13.56Hz frequency bands and the working distance for these chips must be less than 10 meters, these measures add an extra layer of security which means that your data cannot be stolen by anyone else.

The NFC chip is famously known for its EV1/EV4 Of the MiFare DESfire EV1 series. For simplicity, we will refer to this all as MF3. In our country, the commonly used versions of MF3 ARE D21, D41, and D81. In these versions, the first digit represents the kilobytes, D21 has 2k bytes, D41 are 4k bytes, and D81 is 8k bytes.

The D81 chip has 8k bytes of EEPROM and also has a fast programming capability. The chip also complies with the ISO OEC14443 Type A four level protocol standard. The encryption technology is also high speed and secure.

Currently, there is a large demand for D21 and D41 byte chips. Our company ensures that proper safety features are installed with each chip, which includes a transparent protective spray to embed the chip. They also include a feature to include a logo. You can also choose to add brand and logo information to diagnose the chip and to let it sync with your servers effectively.

2. Magnetic Stripe Metal Membership Card

Copper metal membership card with Magnetic Stripe

Like most credit cards, you can include a magnetic stripe in your cards that can help your customers enter and leave your venue quickly and as they wish. Commonly magnetic stripes are attached to the back of the card and have a height of 12MM.

These type of membership cards are ideal for golf clubs and resorts because it lets your frequent customers come and go as they wish. There are also essentially two types of magnetic stripes HiCo and LoCo. The HiCo magnetic stripe requires a large amount of magnetic energy for encoding. The addition of a HiCo quality stripe means that the data on this card is more difficult to erase.

HiCo cards are often used for credit and debit cards. These cards contain a large amount of sensitive information and therefore need to be appropriately encoded. Often membership cards and gift cards have the LoCo stripe because they are not typically intended to hold confidential information.

The process of adding a magnetic stripe is very simple, companies can provide firms like us with their customer data, and we will write all that data down with us and transfer it on the magnetic stripe. After this, all you need to do is distribute the metal cards to your loyal customers and install card readers. All the customer needs to do now is swipe their membership card on your premises to be granted access.
LoCo cards are often used in hotels where you issue these cards to the people staying in so that they can come and go from their room as they please.

3. Serial Number Metal VIP Card

Serial Number black Metal VIP Card

These forms of cards are perhaps the most trending types of cards. Serial number membership cards offer their customers an additional layer of convenience, and they are also straightforward and cost-effective for the company to use and implement.

The way these cards are used is straightforward, the serial number is either embedded or embossed on the metal card, and the serial number is then checked against the company database for the customer’s information.

With this card, companies can customize their management system, and they can assign a unique serial number to each client. The method is relatively simple, and there will only be one person per name, which makes it easy for the company to check the customer details against the amount they have provided.
You can get the number printed on the metal card, which is a cost-effective method. However, there is always the risk that the number will fade off with time. The print also needs to be of high quality to withstand scratching and also to withstand sticking on other surfaces. These measures will help ensure that you don’t end up leaving a bad impression on the client.

You can also opt to get the serial number etched on the metal card. The etching is also a good alternative and gives out a professional feeling. However, this method also has its downsides, once the metal is etched, then replenishment is problematic, and the cost is quite high.

Another option is to do a laser on the card. The number is lasered on the card with a laser machine alone, and this ends up giving the laser a concave effect. This method is also more cost-effective than corroding the card, and thus many people opt for these kinds of cards as well.

If you genuinely want to give your business card a royal feel, then you can emboss the serial number on the card. Embossing a card is generally more expensive, but it is one of the best and excellent options. Embossment gives out a credit card type of luxury feel. You can even experiment with different fonts to give out a truly unique feel.

4. Barcode And QR Code Metal VIP Cards

Barcode And QR Code Metal VIP Cards

The barcode type card is one of the most basic types of cards to be used; it involves a barcode at the back of the membership card to include a customer’s signature. This card is often very minimalistic and simple.

The government often uses these types of cards in creating your identification cards. Barcodes are an easy tool through which you can share information.

You can also mix two to three different types of the card features up to make a unique business card of your own. We will produce various kinds of cards for you that have barcodes, serial numbers, and QR codes according to your customer requirements.

Bar codes make it easy to share and spread information, and the magnetic stripe ensures a quick response with all the data.

In summary, metal membership cards are an excellent investment to make because they are durable in nature and will not be disposed of or lost quickly. To get rid of a plastic card, all you need to do is cut it with a knife or snap it into two. With metal membership cards, you can hardly do that.

These cards may be an investment, but they are an investment that is highly likely to bear results. Your customers will appreciate your efforts towards the business, and it is a fairly unique thing to do as well.

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