6 best creative black metal textured business cards

Business card black metal

Unique business cards are important for making a favorable first impression. The most important role of business cards is in creating opportunities for the realtors. Business cards are considered as an effective tool to drive customers to your business.

Like every other market trends, the trend in business cards has revolutionized much more. With time, the old-fashioned paper rectangle business cards have modernized into metal business cards.

 Thus a rightfully chosen metal business card will help you create a long-lasting impression on your potential clients because the chances of clients forgetting who gave them something so unique are incredibly slim.

Metal business card

Your business card is going to be the first valuable source for your potential client to judge your business. Our matt black business cards, due to there exceptional and extraordinary style, leave your clients with an enduring impression.

The metal cards are always going to be a fine option due to their durability and uniqueness. Due to their distinctive style and design, metal business cards are one of the most appreciated marketing tools. It is considered as the basic business requirement because it provides correct and precise information about one’s company.

Metal business cards aids to fetch costumers to your company. The more creative a company’s business card looks, the more chances of success for the company. For the successful and confident marketing of your business, you need our custom-made metal business card for your company. 

Matt Black Card

Our Black metal business cards are designed to impress your potential client with their matt black look and feel.  It looks elegant, classy, and allows your business to stand out immediately. When you handover these metal black business cards to your clients, their reaction is going to be incomparable by any other card type.

Etch carbon fiber texture

Carbon fiber textured business card

Matt etched carbon fiber texture metal card looks like a real carbon fiber card.

These cards are ultra-lightweight and very strong. They create a lasting impression on the costumers. These sleek and unique business cards feature a durable matte finish and three-dimensional pattern, which makes it look like real carbon fiber.

As a business card, carbon fiber yields a sleek and contemporary look that is both professional and unique. Each order we manufacture is entirely custom made.

Lifestyle Key Concierge wanted an elegant and eye-catching Black Metal Card to endorse their company name. 

This Black Metal Card is etched to give it a carbon fiber texture. The matt finish with curved corners makes it stand out from the rest of the cards.

One of our best cards is the etch carbon fiber texture card, which looks like a real carbon fiber card.

Etch the semicircle line as a mountain:

amazing textrued business card

Following are a few main features of our card:

  • Matt black card
  • the semicircle line is etched to do as a mountain 
  • Then plated matt black color to finish

Our textured cards give customers an increased sensory experience making them stand apart from the rest.  This card has an etched semicircle mountain background texture with plated matt black color at the top.

Our above customer wanted a sleek and modern look for his Metal Business card.

In this matt black metal business, our creative designer used semicircular patterns to create mountain texture at the back and then plated it with a matt black color to add another wow effect to the card.

We maximize our client’s company brand with our unique and different production options.

Etch Clover as background:

textrued metal card

This matt black carbon metal cards collection posses the following distinctive features:

  • Black card
  • Etch Clover as background.
  • Then full black color print on the surface to show black clover.

This design also allows the customers to etch any other pattern, flowers, or logo as background.

The main goal which our company seeks is to make cards that instantly stand out and leave a memorable impression. This unique design features surface etching for the clover pattern embossed and engraved contents at the top.

This matt black metal invitation card automatically gives us a luxurious look.

Etch the card with lattice texture as background:

textrued metal business card

Lets first have a look at the features which give this card an amazing sleek look.

  • Matt black card
  • Etch the card with lattice texture as background
  • Then plated matt black to show.

This lattice textured etched background matt black metal card is made for Acord Construction Group. They wanted a Metal Business Card design that exudes an executive, sleek, luxurious look that sets their brand apart.

The matt black look takes our metal business cards to another level, making realtors stand out from others. Our lattice textured card can complement any realty company’s logo making it arguably one of the best business cards for realtors.

Etch the card with cutout frame and hexagon as background


The designers have gone a step ahead to create this patterned metal card with a sleek matt finish. This card will surely cater to all the artistic souls out there.

  • Matt black card
  • The card is etched with cutout frame and hexagon as background
  • Then full print black color on the surface to show the texts

This card has an etched cutout frame and hexagon pattern as the background. This classic looking metal business card is always a popular request.

FullTiltWraps company card has matt black background with a hexagonal pattern, and the content of the card is shiny, making it quite eye-catchy.

This metal business card design leaves a lasting impression every time.

textured metal business card

Following are the features:

  • Matt frosted black card
  • the card is etched with frosted background, and then the dots are placed. 
  • Then plated matt black to give the final finish

 This card has a frosted black background with embossed dots with platted matt black finish to make it look ravishing.

Black is always a trendy color when it comes to business cards.  It gives a sleek and professional look and makes your card prominent from the rest.

 Particularly this frosted and matt black look gives your card a modernistic approach.

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