Which Industry Prefer to Custom Metal Business Cards?

Did you know that you could use metal business cards as a way to put your company forward in a unique way?
Many industries have started buying metal business cards as a marketing attempt to promote their businesses , and metal cards have recently become in .
Unlike paper cards, metal cards cannot be thrown away easily, and you can even custom design your metal cards to have a useful function. The cards could have a calendar, act as a compact comb, or act like a can opener, which can result in many people keeping them and thus being reminded of your business every once in a while.
In this article, I am going to cover the nine industries that are currently using most business metal cards.

  1. Real Estate/ Realtors
  2. Metalworkers (key opener)
  3. Designers
  4. Dentist
  5. Lawyer
  6. Financial
  7. Digital Currency BTC
  8. Auto seller
  9. Entertainment Industry

real estate black metal business card

I. Real Estate/ Realtors
The real estate industry has started using metal business cards to create a lasting impact on clients. It establishes the authenticity of your brand and gives out a positive and professional image.
There are numerous ways through which you can custom design your card to create a lasting impact. Stainless steel cards with a dye cut technology are trending in the industry, which creates a chic and sophisticated vibe.
For real estate dealers, the most challenging thing is establishing trust with the client, and metallic business cards can help you take that a step forward by showing that you are very committed to the industry and are willing to invest in your profession.

II. Metal Workers (key opener)

Metalworkers work with metal all day long and often use metallic business cards to personify and specify their industry. Through custom metallic designs, they can showcase their strengths and expertise with working with individual small parts and even assembly.
Even the key opener industry has begun using metallic cards to help solve your key issues. Key openers often get emergency clients that are locked out of their homes, and what is a better way to make a memorable imprint in someone’s mind than giving a metallic business card that they are bound to keep?
Through metallic business cards, businesses operating in this industry can capture many more clients than usual.

designer Pink color metal business card
III. Designers
Designers need to create a lasting impression in whatever they do, whether they are interior designers, Industrial Product designers, or even Fashion Designers.
People generally have high expectations from designers and the quality of work that they put forward. Metal business cards can help put your brand forward as a unique business that focuses on its designs everywhere possible.
Design can convey messages way better than words can, and designers understand that very well.
IV. Dentist
Many people often avoid going to dentists and practicing oral care. Going to the dentist is an unpleasant and traumatic experience for many, and many people question the authenticity of dental brands.
Through using metallic business cards, you can help imprint the impression on your clients that you are experienced enough in your job. And this can help establish assurance that you are an expert in your career.

V. Lawyers
The lawyer business market is extremely competitive and cutthroat. To stand out in the Lawyers market, you can make metallic business cards that can help you in creating a lasting impression on potential clients.
Metallic business cards display a different air of professionalism and give out an overall excellent image of your company. It shows that you are willing to invest in your business for the long term.

VI. Financial
The Financial industry is a section of the economy that has firms and institutions focused on providing financial services to consumers. The financial sector has many different players, which also involves Insurance services and Banking and financial services.
The Financial industry uses metal business cards to make an impact and to stand out in front of its competitors. In the financial industry, the emphasis is on moments and finance experts know that to establish a lasting impact, you need to impress the client in the first impression.

VII. Digital currency BTC
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency; this type of currency is decentralized and has no state bank administrator. Bitcoins can legally be used to make payments in many places in the USA.
Bitcoins are a virtual currency that has no physical form. Many firms have started using metallic business cards as a way to establish legitimacy in apprehensive clients. It also gives out the impression that you are experienced in your brand.

VIII. Auto sellers
Car dealerships invest a lot in marketing their businesses. In this industry, competition is very high, as most consumers are price sensitive. One way through which card dealerships can stand out and establish legitimacy and trust in their business and subsequent transactions is by investing in metallic cards.
Metallic business cards can be fully and wholly customized and can help car dealerships put their brand name forward uniquely and distinctively.
Metallic business cards give off a sophisticated and professional feel and can help car dealers immensely in getting sales.

Costa VIP steel business card
IX. Entertainment Industry
The Entertainment Industry focuses on giving pleasure and delight to its consumers and attempts to outshine each time. Recently this industry has also started investing in metallic business cards to expand their outreach and spread awareness of their products within their community.
People often know about movies but generally don’t know much about the production house or the directors. Through using metallic business cards, you can help solidify your impression and help clients remember you.

If your Industry was not on my list, then this means that there might be a fair chance that your industry hasn’t caught on to the metallic business card trend. Metallic business cards can be a golden opportunity for you to expand your business and put your brand above the rest.

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