These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are some of the most unique things in the entrepreneurial world. Rare, precious and elegant, they are a great way to make a first impression.   Of the many reasons for their preference, one of the most important is the fact that they are very resilient and long-lasting. This however, is not […]

What Are the Different Designs of Metal Business Cards?

Metal business cards have been around for quite some time. Made using a variety of different metals or alloys, they have become an important and rather unique aspect of the business world.   Today, one can find a wide variety of these cards in the typical market place. From the freelancer to the high-profile businessman, […]

Type of Copper Business Cards

Metal cards are an interesting aspect of the business world. Rare, interesting and unique, they are more of a statement than just a way to deliver one’s contacts.   The interesting thing about the cards is that despite their presence in the marketplace for quite some time, they are not widely adopted. For a wide […]

The Industries & Situations Unsuited For Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards have been around for quite some time. Often characterized as a ‘luxurious’ accessory for businessmen, they are widely in use across the business world.   Despite this, it can be said that they are in fact quite rare in comparison to other business cards. Given their pricing, lack of awareness and to […]

How to Choose the Right Metal Business Card When You’re Budget Is Tight

Perhaps you have heard the old saying that ‘your network is your net worth.’ It is the truth. Your business success largely depends on how you network. With the increase in digital space, the business cards might seem to vanish. However, that is not the truth; the cards are here to stay. Social media platforms […]

Metal Business Cards Are Critical to Your Success

Technology evolution is stirring every industry, from banking to healthcare. And the business card is not spared either. However, physical products have an advantage over digital ones because they create a personal touch and emotional connection. Business cards were invented in the 15th century in China. The cards used to alert the locals of a dignitary […]

How to Choose the Right Metal Business Card for Your Product

Metal Business Card

Even with a myriad of digital alternatives, business cards are still relevant in 2019 and beyond. They add value to networking. Whether you’re at a backyard BBQ, party, conference, the business card gives you an ample opportunity to receive or provide contact information. It can also lead to conversations that build a valuable partnership in your business. You […]

Do You Really Need A Metal Business Card?

Metal Business Card

Business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. First created centuries ago, they are today found everywhere, and have become an indispensable part of business life.   Of the many different varieties that abound, one of the most intriguing cards would be those made from metal. Although available for quite some time now, […]

How to Use Metal Business Cards to Win Customers and Influence the Market

Metal Business Cards

  Business cards have become a norm today. Handed out every single day in the millions, there is much that can be said about the humble business card.   While they have been a mainstay in the world of business for quite some time, there are certainly some limits to this. Despite their widespread use, […]

Most Popular Designs of Metal Business Card in 2019

Before delving deep into the various designs in which you can avail your business card, let us form an overview of how or how is it relevant in your respective field. The effectiveness of a business card is not simply restricted within the realms of official identity; it does much more than that. If you […]