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How Metal Business Cards Help Small Business Owners?

Business Cards are one of the significant ways of exchanging business-related information at any networking event. Even though their usage has declined with people using networks like LinkedIn, Google yet it won’t be plausible denying the significance hold by Stainless Steel cards.

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How much do metal business cards cost?

Best Metal business cards cost more than traditional business cards made of paper as they need more instrument to produce. They typically priced between $4-6 per card, when effects like etching and laser cutting are included. We offer a range of stainless steel business cards to suit all budgets.

Adding to this fact, we are quite aware that most businesses have gone digital, from sending emails to signing contracts. Still, business cards have their own charm and have always been pivotal to the growth of small businesses in particular. It’s More Than just a Promotional Items.

It is fundamentally one of those mediums that make eye contact and can initiate actual conversation. As it is the most convenient way, several business owners used it making a personal touch or connection with the customers.

Texts or email are too monotonous or customary ways of making contacts. However, business cards have an edge over them in terms of initiating impromptu communication.


Business Cards Creative design attracts your lead to initiate talks.


Evolution of  Metal business cards from Plastic cards.

Now coming back to the evolution of paper cards versus the Custom metal business cards. Even though paper business cards were used extensively in the past years, they failed to make an impression of many reasons like super Bright colors and poor card design is few of them.

People tend to have hundreds of paper business cards lying idle in a box and it’s practically impossible to find any particular piece of card. On the contrary metal business cards can come in different colors which can be easily identified.

It is also fascinating to make use of stainless steel business cards as they serve as an attractive alternative to mundane paper business cards. As metal business cards come with unique design, Laser Engraving and engaging delivery, their impression is quite impactful.

Your business cards won’t end up to dustbin as metal business cards are unique, bold, and stylish. And Metal cards Can be used for many Purpose like herbs grinding though Some people use it, No matter what your scale of business is, metal business cards show that you are quite serious in choosing your investment. The first impression says it all.

How Are Metal Business Cards Helping Business Owners?

Below are some reasons how metal business cards can scale up the business of small entrepreneurs or owners.

  • First Impression is the last impression
  • Sophisticated designs
  • shows your preparedness
  • works for every industry
  • Highly Durable
  • It’s an Investment
  • Environment Friendly

First Impression is The Last Impression : Metal cards Have its Uniqueness

In any kind of business, your first impression does have a heavy count on approaching with your customers. It goes with the psychology of the users that anything tempting, stylish has a lot of attention and can be a good buy. While selling services from the perspective of a small business owner, metal business cards can make a huge impact in potentially tempting the users to try to use your business services.


Anything sophisticated has a classy and royal touch to it. We all love to get into things which have a classy nature to it. This is where metal business cards come handy for small business owners. As they are quite affordable in terms of business, they can be used to exuberant the royalty of any business. With bright and bold colors, these cards have maturity added to them. You can go for different shades of silver, platinum, gold, or chrome. The sophistication truly gets reflected in every inch of the end.

Shows That You Are Prepared

Metal business cards are a lovely way of introducing your business to your customers. They reflect the purpose of this card which is not merely passing information on email and contact number. They symbolize that you are serious enough to face the market and are genuinely interested in making the deal work.

Works For Every Industry

Metal Business Cards are dynamic and can cater to every type of industry. Irrespective of the fact, whether you have a shopping mall or a grocery shop, these cards are a great way to introduce your business to your clients. You can get in touch with a potential client or lead at any point of time and create new business opportunities.

Metal Cards are Highly Durable

There is not an iota of doubt that metal cards are the most durable ones. They can’t fade away like most of the paper cards do. Moreover, since the concept is to entice the clients, business metal cards have the ability to customize as per the choice of the customers. The cards are durable and can help in creating long term association with the clients. Even if the deal doesn’t work, the client ends up keeping your business card for future reference.

It’s An Investment

It’s a kind of investment you are never going to regret. For small business owners, it’s a blessing in disguise. This type of investment particularly on metal business cards will reap benefits in near future. The cost of one metal business card may take up to 20 paper cards. But what matters are done the lower expenses reap benefits? Certainly not. It’s a kind of investment which is important to get your job done at a few initials. No more you need to worry about how the client is going to react to your offer as they will get impressed with your initial move itself.

Environment Friendly

Our planet is composed of scarce resources and it’s our duty to make an effort towards creating a sustainable environment. Making use of metal business cards helps in creating an environmentally sustainable space. It shows your inclination towards creating a safer environment. While doing so, you can get in touch with the premium feel and texture offered by stylish metal cards.

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