Most Popular Designs of Metal Business Cards in 2020

Most Popular Designs of Metal Business Cards

Before delving deep into the various designs in which you can avail your business card, let us form an overview of how or how is it relevant in your respective field. The effectiveness of a business card is not simply restricted within the realms of official identity; it does much more than that. If you have a company of your own and have formed several corporate bonds in the market over the years, you will know that handing over a simplistic yet worthy business card to your contemporaries is the first step towards forming an unadulterated grip over your professional objective. Apart from being furnished with the basic contact details, it must have a gripping appearance; something that will stand out in the whole lot and imprint an everlasting impression in the receiver’s mind.

Long gone are those days when companies relied on printing paper business cards; today, considering the galloping pace of the market and the competition hurled at every company from the newbies, one must undertake strapping strategies to overshadow these challenges and emerge victoriously. The first step towards this glorious victory is exchanging metal business cards and letting your professional counterparts know that you are here to take over the market by eternalizing the initial stages. In the following section, we will be exploring a catalog of designs available when it comes to delineating an impactful business card.

Over the last few years, if our readers are asked to name anyone design that has impressed them the most and its elegance has compelled them to resort to it time and again, then it would undoubtedly be the jet black, matte design. Nothing feels more luxurious and chic than this species of cards. You can have the name of your company written in bold glossy letters, while the details can be written on the opposite side of it. Furthermore, the details or names of the company can be contrasted with the color of the card by using gold, silver or anything else that suits the purpose.

The most favored metal design of all times is the carved metal card; the lasting effect left by this is too difficult to leave behind. The idea of this design is to keep intact the purpose of the business; about the 3/4th portion of the card is dedicated to the name and contact details of the company and on the rest of it, the agenda of the organization is cleanly carved out in a bold font. For instance, if your company specializes in digital marketing, you can carve out “Marketing” in it to let your customers and business associates precisely know the field that you specialize in.

  • Dazzling metal business cards

These dazzling black metal business cards are the ideal recourse for companies that wouldn’t mind implementing a little bling as an inherent part of their essence. The most popular variety of this illustration is the dazzling Bitcoin metal card that was outlined taking into consideration the surge in an economy that this cryptocurrency can bring about. Interestingly, Bitcoin was the first agent through which the concept of digital currency was first introduced in the market, and since then, most successful businesses the world today collaborated and supported the idea. The dazzling metal business card has the logo of the company essentially at the center while all the contact information in jotted down at the bottom and its name printed on the top bar. Apart from this conventional pattern, sleek symmetrical designs can be incorporated too alongside the logo to give it an edge over the other types.

  • Simple yet sophisticated

The brass finish metal business cards are another name for class and sophistication; they are the signature representatives of the companies who only mean success in each of their steps. The gold lettering technique married with the screen printing technology is sure to grab all the eyeballs during the most crucial meeting in the company’s future. Moreover, the gold letters are invariably placed against a dark-colored background, say black and blue which derives enough attention towards itself, but soon after receiving it, it transfers it to the clarity-oriented details of the company.

  • The classic design

When it comes to evaluating the worth of a classic design, no amount of words can describe its worth. A design can be designated the status of “classic” when it has been combined with a perfect balance of sober outlook and simple yet prominent details. Here, specifically, we will be talking about the one which looks like a traditional card on some level, but the innovation brought about in installing the initials or logo of the company is the game-changer. Let us break it down for you; if the name of your company starts with an A, the card can have the letter encumbered within an oval shape where the letter is drawn out in complete form but its surroundings are engraved to highlight the necessary portion.

  • Rustic welding

For customers and business delegates alike, one thing that appeals to them the most is the amount of effort the company is willing to pool in to make their mark and the rustic welded metal cards are a full-proof way of doing it. Yielded with a copper finish and furnished with the primary business of the company as the backdrop or watermark, these cards are bound to satiate all your aesthetic buds. The cut-through areas created by welding that in turn enhance the services of the company ensuring people that once they get in touch with the organization, they will not be disappointed.

  • See-through designs

Lastly, the see-through or cut-through designs implemented in a stainless steel card make a bold and permanent statement amongst its competitors. By placing the logo or name of the company on the upper half of the card and leaving its information on the lower section will not only help the primary subject to pop up but also generate an immutable fascination amongst the audience.


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