5 Popular Designs Of Matt Black Metal Business Cards

The black metal business cards are one of the most impressive remarks for prestige and elegance. When you are interested to create memorable brand impression, it is good to start with Black metal business cards, VIP cards, and member cards. These cards can also boost credibility for your club, establishment or business.

Black matt finish attracts everyone’s eyes. They are the first choice of all business professionals. However, the great news is that you can even find several variations in matt metal black business cards as well.

In most cases, these matt finish cards are designed using 304 SS material that is usually rated high for its ultimate quality. Few awesome features of these cards are listed below:

  • The 304 SS stainless-steel material makes them best choice for every business.
  • The color on these cards is plated after etching and polishing.
  • The finish is stable, and it doesn’t fall off.
  • The colors never get faded even after years of usage.
  • The Matt Metal Black Business cards are simple and sedate.

It is possible to design customized and unique business cards with a matt black finish. However, if you are confused about what kind of finish it must get, we advise you to check the best options available in the list.

Here we are going to talk about the five most popular matt black business cards that you can think of designing for your business.

  1. Screen Print Matt Black Metal Card:

Here is the top-rated choice on the list. The screenprint matt black metal business cards are known for their forever stunning appeal. Even with the simple design, they ensure most luxurious and elegant finish for the business card. Here in the image you will find a business card with screen rose gold color. It is famous for the eye-catching finish. In order to get the smother touch and deeper finish, we prefer to do etching before printing these cards. You will find the content too amazing to touch on these cards. At the same time, the surface is smooth with no other texture.

metal business cards1


  1. Matt Black Metal Card with Texture:

Another famous option in the market is Matt Black Metal Business Card. It is loved more for a luxurious and unique finish. There is no doubt to say that the black color is associated with luxury and quality. When you want to create a memorable impression of your business among the audience, it is good to design matt black business cards with metal finish. The card shown in the image is designed with lattice texture; however, you will observe 3D appeal when it is observed from different angles. We can also help you avail customized texture for these cards.

  1. Die Out Matt Black Metal Card:

Some creative business cards manufactured launched the idea of die out matt black business cards. These metal cards are designed with special cuts in-between that are made with the help of dies. They are generally designed to create a remark of business. Some professionals prefer to add their business logo with die out finish; whereas others love to create an impact with niche shape. The image displays a cutout knife that is basically logo of the brand. It represents that die out cards create a unique impression while highlighting the uniqueness in the cards. Such cards are more suitable for those who are leading food or beverage related businesses.

  1. Colorful Printed Black Metal Business Card:

Some people professionals are so creative to add more colors to the cards. They love to print either their own photograph on the card or some image of the company. In such situations, the colorful prints can help you achieve desired results. No matter whether you are interested to add multiple colors or single color mask on the metal card; the latest color print machines can handle this task with ease. Some creative business professionals even prefer to mix the unique impact of die out and colorful printed business cards. It is also possible to add the logo of the company with the full color print version.

  1. Customized Shape Black Metal Business Cards:

In case if you are not satisfied with the normal card types and want to do something creative, we advise you to check the latest options with customized cards. They are much better than the normal cards and create a unique impression of your brand in the market. You can choose any shape that you like the most, or it can be something related to your niche. Some people even prefer to create the shape of their favorite pet, leaf or even key. You can choose any desirable shape based on your preferences and we are here to design the dream card soon. Just give us some idea about how you want it to appear and which shade of black is preferred. Rest everything will be handled by our design teams.

No matter which niche you are dealing right now, business cards are an essential component of your brand promotion campaigns. The big brands are always curious about making selection for the best colors, designs, and shapes of the cards. The growing businesses can also pick something more relevant to their brand.

Our teams are well experienced in designing all types of business cards. You can place an order online while providing essential details about what to write on the card and how you want it to appear at final stage. We can help you find top quality products that are finished with elegant appeal and attractive matt finish.

For more design options and expert recommendations, check the latest collections on website portfolio. You will find many affordable solutions for business cards. Our teams ensure fast designing with latest technologies; moreover, you will be able to find top-notch quality for each design.


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