Are copper business cards and copper foil business cards the same

copper business cards

Business cards have been around for a while now.  A lot of modifications were made after the first business cards were introduced, and now copper business cards and copper foil business cards are some of the latest trends.

Although the names sound similar, the cards, however, are quite different. This article will discuss the differences between the two cards and why both of them are excellent options compared to the conventional paper business cards.

Any business person or professional should have a business card that gives you an edge over your competitors and copper business cards and copper foil business cards are the way to go.

What are Copper Business cards?

This name sounds a bit sophisticated, especially if you are used to the ordinary business cards. Surprisingly enough, they are straightforward cards. They are made from 304-grade stainless steel and then electroplated to imitate the natural copper look. They are suitable for all types of business, but they look more elegant for companies such as;

  • Coffee houses
  • Breweries
  • Artists
  • Distilleries

Copper business cards have a beautiful luxurious look that you will notice at first glance. This is the kind of attention you want for your business. Any person will be prompted to keep the copper business card in their wallet compared to the paper business card.

What are some of the benefits of investing in Copper business cards?

  1. They are very attractive

Compared to the paper business cards, copper business cards have a shiny vintage look, and they are easy to notice and remember. They can also be customized to include the client’s details like name and phone number.

Various images can also be printed on the card’s surface, and this includes different colours too. Copper business cards have a wow factor, and the attention to detail on the cards is impressive.

  1. They look professional

First impression matters a lot and people most of the time judge you based on how you present yourself, and that is why investing in copper business cards is a good idea. They are high quality cards, and this goes a long way to show that you value quality in your business. Paper business cards have become a norm, and if you really want your business to get noticed, then copper business cards are a must-have.

  1. They are unique

Copper business cards stand out more compared to traditional business cards. They look modern and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Many people are fond of throwing paper business cards away, but a copper business card is highly unlikely that it will end up in the trash can.

In addition to being unique, copper business cards can also be customized to have magnetic backing or adhesive backing. This means that your card can easily be placed on a flat surface due to the adhesive and they can also be attached on the fridge or any other surface due to the magnetic backing. This way, it will be tough for clients to lose your contacts, and this is definitely good for your business.

  1. They are durable

Paper business cards don’t last that long, and they get spoilt very quickly. Copper business cards, on the other hand, are strong and can withstand more stress compared to paper or plastic business cards.

Copper is a stronger material that makes it more resilient to some factors like water that could have immediately destroyed the paper cards. Investing in copper business cards is more expensive, but they are worth it in the long run because they are long-lasting. They are an excellent way to secure your business details because the cards stay intact for long and they don’t fade.

What are copper foil business cards?

Unlike the copper business cards that are made of stainless steel, copper foil business cards are made from high quality paper which is then laminated or covered with the copper foil. The cards can be fully covered with the foil, or a simple design can be made on the surface of the card using the copper foil.

Advantages of copper foil business cards

  1. They are Elegant

Compared to the ordinary paper business card, copper foil business cards are more attractive and presentable. You can easily customize any design you want on them based on your business logo.

  1. They are affordable

Copper foil business cards are cheaper than copper business cards but a bit more expensive than ordinary paper business cards. However, they are a worthy investment. If you don’t have enough money to order for the copper business cards, the copper foil cards are a great substitute. They will still bring value to your business and give you an edge over your competitors.

  1. Easy to customize

Copper foil business cards can be made from a particular type of paper called 14 pt. Cardstock or 16pt. Card stock. The 14 pt. Cardstock paper has a very smooth and elegant finishing, and both surfaces are writable meaning you can put any copper foil designs you wish.

The 16 pt. Cardstock paper is beautiful and sturdier. The surface is both water and tear-resistant, which makes the card more durable compared to the plain paper business cards.

  1. Easy to Make

Copper foil business cards are easy to make at home thanks to advanced technology and the internet. There are numerous video tutorials on how to make copper foil business cards at home. If you are strap for cash or you don’t want to order a lot of cards, making them is the best idea. Doing it yourself has the advantage that you can try out whichever designs you like and quickly perfect the skill after several attempts.

In Conclusion

Business cards have come a long way, and there is a wide range of designs available. However, copper business cards and copper foil business cards continue to stand out due to their uniqueness and elegance. Not forgetting their durability. As a business person, copper business cards and copper foil business cards should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ordering for cards.



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