Business cards for cheap, When You’re Budget is Tight

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Business cards for cheap, to be in Under Budget

Perhaps you have heard the old saying that ‘your network is your net worth.’ It is the truth. Your business success largely depends on how you network. With the increase in digital space, the business cards might seem to vanish. However, that is not the truth; the cards are here to stay.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn create our connections and allow us to spread our wings to the world. While these platforms are fantastic, the old-fashioned business cards still carry some weight in the business world. They still play a vital role in the offline professional world. Just as you would have a personal website, a metal business card on your hand can be useful.

However, business cards might be costly, especially if you want to reach your target in a large number. It means you will have to print a number of them. Small business people find it hard to incur this cost.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get the right cards on a low budget. Here are some tips to help you avoid spending a fortune on metal business cards.

     1.There are Budget-Friendly Websites and Stores

Whether you are looking for ways to cut costs or running a small business, consider getting your cards from affordable websites. Some of these stores or websites offer promo codes for reduced rates for expensive cards. Some of the sites include;

  • Just Metal Cards

Just Metal Cards is a reliable, trusted, and safe metal card and tags manufacturers based in China. The company boasts of a decade in the metal card production industry. The vast experience allows them to print expertly designed cards that will create an impressive image of your brand.

It does not matter whether you are a small businessperson, a professional, or a large organization, Just Metal Cards got you covered. The cards and tags are highly durable, stunning, and made from premium material.

Furthermore, you will enjoy subsidized prices. For instance, for 100 pieces of standard steel cards will only cost you $128. The company has a plethora of business cards such as bronze, copper, carbon fiber, brass, and black metal.

With Just Metal Cards, you will get the cards in quantity without compromising the quality and still save some bucks.

  • VistaPrint

VistaPrint is one of the most popular websites known for printing affordable business cards. If you google “business cards,” perhaps this is the first search results you will get. They have a fair amount of promotions with good designs. VistaPrint boasts of several years of experience with undiluted quality. You will get endless choices of designs and templates. A few years back, VistaPrint made a name for itself for printing cheap cards (250-500) plus free shipping costs.

The company does not offer premium quality, but you will get cards in a fair amount. They run endless promotions, so keep an eye.

     2.Keep It Simple

You can significantly increase your spending the more you elaborate the design and wordings. More so, the quality of the metal you choose will affect the prices. It is no doubt that you would want your card to appear unique and turn heads. Nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, keep it simple- at least for now.

If you choose a razor blade shape, know that it will come with a heftier price. Probably triple the amount of making it a simple rectangular shape. As you would want to make a lasting impression, the quality of the metal will not change the message and the impact you leave on someone. Therefore, there is no need to waste your cash.

The shiny design might be enticing, but all that matters is the contact information.

     3.Print on One Side

As stated above, the more information, the higher the price. For instance, you might get 1000 cards for $20 when printed on one side and 400 double-sided cards for the same amount. Avoid using too many words. Add the critical information, which is contact, name, company, title, product, and do not forget your website address. Today, the physical address is not essential as people are used to online business.

     4.Add Your Image 

When you go to a conference, you might get several cards. It is human nature; you cannot capture all the names of people with whom you interacted. The same will happen with people that you gave your cards.

Not everyone will remember your name, but they can recognize your face. Everyone leaves with a stack of business cards. Including images helps people to remember you easily. Ensure you match your picture to your brand.

For instance, if you are an engineer, ensure you have a headgear that symbolizes your profession. Ensure your photo aligns perfectly with the image you intend to convey. If you are offering printing services, including a small but clear picture of a printer.

     5.Buy Fewer Cards

You can cut your budget buy printing a few business cards. Not everyone deserves to have your card. When you attend a conference, network with people who might need your services. If you are dealing with kids’ shoes, interact with parents. Such products cannot sell to the young generation.

For those in the real estate industry, business people are the right approach. For beauty products, the young generation will be a hit target. Therefore, you will be able to give your cards to the relevant audience.

If you meet someone informally, you can ask him or her to have your contact information on his or her phone. Alternatively, you can refer them to your social media platforms or website. This way, you will not need to print too many cards.

     6.Keep the Conversation Blazing 

How you hand your card or ask someone matters a lot. Sometimes, you do not have to give out your cards. You can professionally ask others to give you their business cards. If they do not have, then you can get the email address and contact them later for business. Ensure you have communication etiquette and avoid unnecessary information.


Giving out your metal business card is the simplest way someone can get your contact information. However, it does not have to cost you a fortune. With these tips, you will buy more and spend less. Check Our Product page to check different Metal cards option : Metal Business Cards

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