5 Functional Metal business cards

If you want to make your company stand out, you really want to have a business card that’s unique and meaningful. There are a plethora of plastic business cards, but those don’t show that you invested a lot of time and money into how you are presenting yourself. If you want to stand out, it’s important to use less conventional materials, such as metal. In this article you will find a vast range of different metal business cards that you can start using right away!

Metal Weed Grinder Card

Having a weed grinder card is very distinctive and different. Such a card certainly stands out, and you will appreciate the tremendous quality and the fact that it can also be used for grinding weed naturally. The best part is that you can also showcase a professional presence on the card. You can share your personal information, contact info, and anything else. But at the same time, the person can also use this card for grinding weed.
Metal-based cards tend to be multifunctional nowadays, and a lot of people like the idea of owning stuff that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s certainly the best of both worlds and you will be incredibly impressed with the process and the entire experience. We believe that it’s important to have a business card that offers more functionality and value in some ways. And that’s why our products are so unique and different because they are conveying you more quality and you can use them for something instead of just having them in your wallet all the time.

Metal Credit Card

A metal business card can also be used as a credit card too if you want. All you need is to move the credit card chip to the metal business card. You need to pay attention when you are making this move, as any chip damage is permanent. Thankfully, once you complete this task, you can get some amazing results and you will be more than happy with the entire experience every time.
The business card and credit card combination is great because you can have a multifunctional system. You can present yourself while also not having to worry about carrying your credit card around. It helps a lot, and the metal is very durable too, which makes this even more incredible and interesting than ever before. Keep in mind that you should pay a lot of attention when you move the credit card chip to your metal card. Working with a professional is the better option, as you want to avoid any type of damage that can be done to your card.

Metal business card – Ruler

A good metal business card can also be used as a ruler. This design is unique because it shows that you are indeed a professional, and you want to convey a lot of functionality to everything we do. The ruler design for metal business cards is amazing, and if you’re a contractor or within that industry as a whole, it will make quite the difference. You want to showcase the value and quality that you are constantly bringing in to the table. The more you think about it, the better it will be, so try to take that into consideration.
Of course, you’re not limited to this design. You can create a variety of ruler designs as you see fit. But it makes a lot of sense to choose a ruler design, just because it’s so creative, quirky, and full of amazing ideas for you to explore. You want to test it out and give it a try, and you will enjoy the experience quite a bit because of that.

Metal Beer Opener Business Card

You can’t carry a beer opener with you all the time. It’s not easy to carry around, and it won’t do you any good unless you want to drink something. That’s why the business card beer opener is so impressive, because it provides you with the right experience and results without rushing into anything. It’s certainly a good idea to share a business card beer opener because a lot of people are going to use it.
In many cases, people will throw plastic business cards away. You don’t want to have that, which is why using metal cards is way better. And in this case, you can easily have one with a beer opener, and we guarantee people will keep it in their wallet. Friends and family will see it, and that means you are generating leads naturally and with great success. It is the best of both worlds, since you fit the need of sharing your business card with the great functionality of a beer opener. At the end of the day, everyone wins and that’s what matters the most.

metal business card comb

Metal business card – comb

If you want to create a cool business card and you’re in the grooming industry, you can use this comb business card idea. This is cool and unique, as it shows exactly what your business does while also being a great conversation piece. It’s the pinnacle of creativity, and the best part is that it suits the industry so well. That alone shows the great value and quality you can obtain from such a card. Plus, people will immediately want to have one, they might even get a business card for their friends, and that means more and more potential clients.

One thing is certain, barebones plastic business cards are not making a huge impact nowadays. What you want to do is to invest in metal business cards right away. They are a lot more durable, and you can easily customize them in a variety of ways. This offers a lot more functionality for the card, while increasing the chances of having people keep that card. Don’t hesitate and check out these great business card designs listed above, as they can help your business expand its reach naturally!

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